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Thanks Mike, Im about to paint mine.
Jim: You have an email
John: Thats a parade I would like to see.
Thanks for the painting tips. Im in the process of removing the fuel tank, my question is the PO said that the lines inside the tank need to be replaced he said that one was curling up so it will run out of fuel with a half tank or so. I have tryed to remove the rubber orange plugs but they seemed to be in there pretty good. Can someone walk me through this process? I do have a manual on order however I wont get it for a week or two. Thanks agian James
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James, I had to pull hard on those fitting to get them out mine. Like you said, They are in there pretty good. Keep pulling, they will come off.
Hey thanks,
I didnt want to break them, should I remove both of them or what? Thanks James
Thats a nice looking tractor Mike
Jim I too am waiting for the weather to break to paint the 112 narrow front. Jeff
Jeff, I hope you get it done in time for plow day can't wait to see it in the field.

Drew, You have mail.
We need some pics Jeff.
James: I would remove both of them and check the condition of both.
The proper method of cooking a Deer, Well done.

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Mike Duwe,
That is one fine looking 332. You did a super job of restoring it.
Joe G.
All I can say is HOLY STUFF! I never would have thought there would be 10,000 tractors in the registry.

simply amazing.

Thanks Chris... and thanks to all of you that took time to register your tractors.
John F. you are going to love it when your done.the stock chute has a big flaw it rotates to far back not at the end of the bottom chute like the one you have. The stock chute deflector will never let the snow flow clean in any position. Bad design in my opinion. take a center punch and mark the back of the stock coler it should go between the two cleaence holes for the two 1/4-20 screws that hold the cable in place. care full with the welding she will heat up quick i have a mig welder.tig is better you can get better weld job.also it will warp along the welded areas .so try this after it is welded up paint the inside of coler with BLACK paint just enougth to cover. now put it on the blower rotate the chute left to right.Take it off look at the rub marks that is where you will need to grind away stock a flaper wheel works best for this keep repeating untill it rotates cleanly. this is called spotting. here are some pictures i posted in the hydro section.

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I have to agree with Michael on the poor design of the square chute deflector,even with it tilted back you will not get much heigth with the snow being thrown.Here is a pic that shows that the snow only hits at the top edge of the deflector,in my opinion just changing the deflector would be an improvement.
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I took a quick look just now and there's 10002 tractors registered. 20000 is just around the corner Chris!

Rob.. I can see how that would knock your socks off. It's a pretty impressive milestone.

Hi Gary - Yeah, seeing those side by side pics and hearing the testimonials of how good the new chutes worked sealed the deal for me. Very interesting to see the wear patterns on that old chute. I think you are absolutely correct.

Now we just need a bit of snow to try this puppy out!

Thanks again guys
! Never open hood with engine fire ! Keep it starving for air until you are prepared to fight the fire. Well here is the tractor I told everyone about last week. Thanks for all the good information - engine starts easy, runs well, all gears work and the variable speed also. The plow and blower are in poor shape! The mower deck is in great shape (this is really what I needed most), but I think that attachments for rear of deck are missing. Have two longer arms for each side that connect to frame, but nothing to reach up to what look like ball pivots on the lift? Any Ideas?
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Chas Weller, you need a pair of lift straps. One is adjustable. You can look them up at the John Deere Parts website or buy them on eBay or ask the former owner if he still has them.
Looking at the chutes you are better off going like Michael did for the chute.The tall chute would be better as the snow would be in the chute longer and appears that it would have a more up ward throw for the auger.
On those rubber doughnuts for the fuel fittings...

For removal, I have had to cut them so the bottom half of the rubber falls into the tank and the top pulls out since the rubber barb is now gone. Some shaking of the tank will get the rubber out of the fuel fill.

When I tried to reassemble them on my 420 when I did the EFI install I struggled to get them back in the tank then the fitting back in the grommet.

I tried putting the metal fitting in the grommet then the assembly in the tank. No go.

Then I tried with the grommet in the tank and then presssing the metal fitting in it. No go.

At that point I contacted the experts and got this procedure.

Install the grommet in the tank. Coat the metal fitting with grease where it slides through the grommet. Press the metal fitting into the grommet.

Worked great.
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Rather than a cooked Deere here is someone's idea to cook on a Deere.

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