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I brought this little fella home with me today. It is a TRS-22
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That thing is cute. Just about the perfect size for my little place in town.
My current pride and joy...It took a year to complete but finished in time for the snow.
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John K...
That looks like it should do the job moving your snow. It looks great too! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO MOVE, COME OUT MY WAY TONIGHT. We in the midst of a good ol' fashioned blizzard! This afternoon on the way home in my Jeep Wrangler,I went into the ditch and had to be pulled out by my neighbor with a big pickup with a snow blade. Fortunately I had my big HD tow strap along and got out easily. Viseability and the wind was the problem. I couldn't see where I was going and the wind blew me off the road after making it through a huge 3 ft. deep drift of snow. The road was also covered with ice! Not fit for man or beast out today here. Had a hard time standing on the road in the strong wind gusting to over 50 MPH.

Winter, I love it!~

Wife can't make it home tonight so I have lots of time to surf the web etc.!

Life is good, all the animals are fed and everyone is safe around here anyway.
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Thanks. This thing will easily reach second story windows - gotta be real careful when helping the neighbors. One thing great about winter - no mosquitoes!
Great looking tractor- I particularly like the look of ag tires all around. That's what I plan for my 420 loader tractor for this year. Very nice restoration job you've done there.
Hi guys
I'm looking for a little help with sprayers. I have a '67 or so 5a sprayer and I just picked up what I think is a 5 sprayer. It has the fixed boom and the date stamp on the engine is 1962. Is there any way to tell if this is exactly what it is? I have not been able to find a tag on it and was curious if they originally came with one? Any help is appreciated!
hey jon.... welcome to wfm

here are a few threads discussing sprayers that might be helpful to you.

i used the search function at the top of the page and typed in sprayer, it would most certainly benefit you to play around
in the search function as it will open up tons and tons of useful info

good luck







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Has anyone swapped a single cylinder Kohler into a 317 that had a KT17 series 1?

The number of posts for the 'WFM Rules - The Boss wants to know' thread over in the Corner Store is at 69. Pretty good response in a very short time. Looks like the yes-no's have it. So far anyway.

Lawrence, I don't know about your connecting rod, but you should start a thread in the restoration and repair section under gear drive tractors. It makes it a lot easier to follow responses as you will have a dedicated thread to your question.

John K. Ooohhh, I wish I had your set-up. That snowblower looks like it could eat my little 112 and blower..lol
Happy 8th birthday WFM.
Thank you the founding Fathers of WFM.....

<font size="+2">Mike Horn and Robb Kruger[/COLOR]
I 2nd what Doug said!

Happy Birthday WFM!
What a great site. Thank you Mike and Robb
Thanks to all the great members.

Only been a member a few weeks and Im very happy to have found this site! Thanks to those who founded and those who maintain and contribute. Registering my 400 today and Im sure I will need plenty of help from all that have "been dare done dat" before me!
Andrew B.,
Thanks for the compliment - And a bigger thanks to John Moore for helping me load it up on my trailer last February. Zero degrees, stone dead battery, flat tires, wheel weights and stuck bypass valves made for a memorable time.
Mike and Robb,
Thank you for starting and maintaining the super web site. I visit here at least once daily most of the time.
I too second: "Thanks to those who founded and those who maintain and contribute."

I cannot tell you how many happy hours I have spent on this site. Well run, well organized and responsive. Lovely pictures, much enjoyment, fun and laughter. Very interesting and useful information, particularly to me in "remote" South Africa. The (unbelievable) 10,000 certainly came up quickly. Here's to the future:Long live this site!!

David in Johannesburg.
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That was a fun Deere hunt. We didn't drink any beer that night did we!!
lol lol!!
That 332 was worth it. Nice job on it!!

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