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Sorry to hear the bad news. I have had the same thing happen to me a couple of times. I have also had it where the person has said he has had several offers of more money but he was going to stick with the price he had. I looked in my phone book and didn,t see a listing for that name.
Greg VH
Well you know that old saying,
All's well that ends well!

I got a call tonight from the guy and he had second thoughts and since he accepted my offer last night and thought about it. He decided that he would be a stand up guy and follow through with the deal.
So as it stands right now, I'll be picking the little guy up Saturday after all.

I think David J's Karma vibs musta found their way to him. LOL

And yes I know I'm posting on the wrong forum board, but what do ya expect out of a Cub Cadet guy!
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Thanks Army.
It is a sweet running tractor. Smooth and quiet. That 10 hp doesnt even bog down under load.
Charlie, I saw that tractor on craigslist a few days after it was listed I couldn't believe it lasted that long for $200/obo with the snowthrower and deck included that is a steal.
Charlie, That looks like a pretty nice little RF.

Well Guys, I'm in DC this morning!
A WFM member from Goldsboro, NC is coming up to pick up the FD for his 332 from me. I drove out here (1050 miles just ahead of most of the storm that came thru my route. It was a nightmare from Wheeling, WV to the Penn Turnpike, then they got things salted down and it wasn't too bad. Jim Dimmerling maybe saw me passing thru OH...

I brought out a different car for my daughter who is now teaching in Silver Spring, MD. I'm driving my Red GMC pulling me Featherlite trailer with a Green Ford Taurus on the way home today.
Say hi if you see me! I'm sure I was very close to lots of WFM members places as I'm traveling mostly I-70 & I-74 to & from Iowa.
Breakfast is ready so all for now...
hey john lang, yes you were close to a few of us.
i'm about an hour and a half north where 70 meets 695 in baltimore..... don't know if you came that far east or not.

good luck on the drive home and be safe

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Hey John,
If you have time when you go through Columbus, OH. the Farm Power Show is going on at the Ohio Expo Center [State Fair Grounds] through Sunday. Mostly modern farm technology. I'll be going down Sat. Or Sun. There's also an affiliated Farm Toy Show. Also there's a good sized John Deere Dealership just north of the Plain City Exit [Rt.42] just west of Columbus [JD Equipment]. It's the place with the square fender mounted to a post for their mailbox. I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm in the I-70 area. Have a safe trip!
Charlie - Glad to hear that that seller came though for you.
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Hi Guys, I'm at the library at Beelmont Tech stclairsville, OH
Who has the pictures of the log skid attachment on the back of his machine for use with a 3 point hitch?
I think is was Lowell but I don't remember.
If he who reads this would not mind and post them again?
Or maybe email them to me either way?

Mine's not 3-pt, but the basic design could be adapted to 3-pt.

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Hey all I was thinking of trading my 110 in on a 317 I was wanted to know what I need to look for on the 317 such as problem areas on it.I dont know to much about them and I just wanted to know if they are a good sound tractor. It also has a tiller that goes with it.The serial number is 131754
I was also wondering if the sleeve hitch its self off of my 110 would work on the 317
Matt, If its a later sleeve hitch with two lift rod tabs on it it will work but will need a different lift rod. The early ones can have another tab welded on to make them work.

Thats a picture of the hitch on a 317 and of the two different tabs.
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What tillers work with the 318 or 332? Wife says we are starting a garden this spring and I said, "That's great, I need a tiller".

David the 30 hyd. tiller will fit the 318 there is also a shaft driven tiller that will work. This is a picture or the hyd. tiller.

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Thanks Lowell,I think that's it.
Any action shots?

I tried to out run the little guy today, but I just couldn't shake him.

But he's safe and sound now in his new home.

It's even got the battery hold down under the hood. Plus all the original manuals.

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I didn't see tell late this morning that the guy had a change of heart. I would have like to have meet up with you when you was in the area.
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