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Cool thanks jim now I just need to get some does and donts on looking at a 317
Good for you Charlie. I'm just bummed you beat me to the punch on that deal.
Looks clean enough to start right up. And wheel weights TOO! Smoking deal!
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Charlie, nice find!
They always look especially good behind you on the first trip home!

AJ, tried it out before I painted it so I could "fine tune" it!

Works very well for me! ~~ Lowell
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Does anyone know where I can find this seat/suspension set up? Anypart numbers? Thanks James
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The suspension seat assembly is NLA from Deere, here is what comes up when you try to add one to the JDParts web site shopping cart:

The part AM105074 is no longer available. Contact your local John Deere dealer for other options.

They occasionally show up used, but are getting pretty hard to find, and tend to be expensive.

If you find two -- let me know about the other one
as I am looking for one as well.

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I bought that one in the picture from a dealer out east new in box 2 years ago...along with another one that was on the same shelf. Even was able to work a better deal since I bought both.

I had a dealer print off all ones showing up in the USA, which was about 25 dealers long. Called about 15 before I found one that actually had one, turned out to have 2. Only found 1 more and a buddy of mine bought it.

You see them on ebay ocasionally. That or put a wanted add on WFM.
When I run part# AM105074 through JDpoint, it comes up saying to order BM17982 though whole goods. That's the complete seat suspension kit for a 316-318 tractor.
Has anyone successfully used/modified a zero turn mower suspension seat platform? They are expensive also, but should be more plentiful... Looks like they only have about one inch of total travel, but appear to be adjustable for operator weight so they don't "bottom out"

The other possible alternative is a bit unsightly in my way of thinking, but under $100 at Surplus Sales. It too would most likely need some modification to work on an open frame 300/400 series Deere garden tractor:

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That is the exact one I was thinking of.Thanks for the pictures.

Today I had my 1983 John Deere Liquifire out for the first time. About 1000 sleds today at the Waconia Vintage Sled Show. Al Z

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Al - was that on a frozen lake?

Looks like a lot of fun & the only way for me to ski.
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Hi guys, I made it home safely from my trip to DC. I did manage to meet up with a couple WFM members on the trip. I got some interesting photos too. I'll post them in my photobucket album when I get time.
I spent the night last night at the plow Wizzard's place in Ohio and was treated to a great home raised & evening meal and breakfast!
Sure beat staying in a motel! I enjoyed seeing his latest 430 project which will be amazing I bet. Also enjoyed meeting his dog a German Shepard named Sarge!
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Hey Guys I just have to show off my newest deere. I have always wanted a RF and when I saw this 65 I just had to get it. It looks completely original and doesn't appear to be missing any parts. I even got a bunch of decals, carb kit, and various other items the PO had bought for his planned resto. I know the carb is in need of a rebuild but his baby runs and sounds really solid! I'm super pumped about this tractor! Adam

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Nice find on the 110 Adam!

BTW, I got some photos of my DC trip deere related photos uploaded.
[URL="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/86deereguy/My%20january%202010%20DC%20trip/"> Here they are![/URL]
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I've been looking for a #50 thrower for my 400 without success. Today I found a '46 snowthrower-400' that the PO claimed was on his 400. It fit using a 'quick hitch adapter' I was unable to figure out how to make this combination work on my 400. After searching the JD site, I found that the hitch kit he sold me are front pto mounting parts for a 430.
The thrower I bought is a M00062X100096
also on the tag it says 46 snowthrower-400.
Can anyone tell me just what this thrower is supposed to fit onto.
Hey guys i need a little help i have a 317 I'm working on when i push on the hydraulic lever for the deck raise and lower the mower will move is the hydraulic block bad or could it be something else.
Mike Gault- Yes frozen lake. Ice is approaching 3 feet thick. Last year I had to put a 17" extension on my power ice auger (36") to make it all the way thru the ice. AZ
Congrats on the find. I was too late also as I got a canned response from the guy. He must of had a lot of people contact him. I don't know why people would tell him he sold it too cheap. Just jealous I guess. For that price and condition, I was willing to drive all the way from Illinois to get it.
Randy it is the thrower for a 420/430. The 400 is a different animal. Roger
Thanks Roger
Where is information like that obtained? I spent a lot of time online trying to find out where that thrower goes without success.
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