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Pete, I've been watching for another Brinly planter so I could put two on a toolbar to do what I want. If you set the planters for 40" rows you will always get the room you need to run between them. Make your first pass, you get two single rows at 40". The outside row will have to remain as a single. Turn around and set over to get the spacing you want between paired rows and make another pass. That will give you a paired row and another single. Repeat across the field. You may end up with varying spacing in the paired rows but all your wide rows will be 40". The two outside rows will be singles.

I planted paired rows last summer and the corn did as well in the paired rows as it did in "normal" rows. Doing it with a single row planter I did get a few wandering rows which got tilled under in places.
Here is a picture of our 65' RF with an "8" cart. This cart almost looks too small for the 110 and was probably made for light duty on the 60 - 100 tractors. We still like it with the 110 though.

Thanks to Steve A. for the slats.
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Thanks for all the ideas and great pictures on the topic of carts and wagons behind a round fender tractor!!

It might be a while before I get to working on my 110, and longer still until there's a "fashion show" here to decide between my 80 cart and my 50 cart. Both will be used I am sure.

Here are a couple more pictures of the 110 when I brought it home... Grill is good but the hood needs a little repair. What appears to be a very old re-paint is badly oxidized, so I may yet have to learn how to paint, even at my age!

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Chuck, nice find ! What year and how did you happen to find it ? From the pictures it looks pretty solid.
Chuck, you really need a choice of cart options

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It is an early 1965, and as noted at the bottom of this page I found it at a very small town on the Columbia River here in Oregon called interestingly enough Deer Island. It was one of those 'hidden items' on CL

Lowell -- That's a great picture of the carts circled up, but you need Chief in the middle there chasing his tail...

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Well the wife decided that the 110 is now hers. Here she is switching gears.

Here she goes BEFORE she found out what the variater was.
[URL="http://www.ccspecialties.org/videos/ride1.MPG">CLICK HERE[/URL]
And after she FOUND IT! LOL
[URL="http://www.ccspecialties.org/videos/ride2.MPG">CLICK HERE[/URL]
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Chuck - The 110 was a great find. You 322's may get a little jealous once you discover what a sweet machine the 110 is!
What did it take to get it running?
Only 9,944 tractors until we get to 20,000!

No, No, No... I'm not really going to go there!


Mostly cleaning up the 18 year old gas that had settled in. LOL
The PO must have parked it with a full tank of gas!
Rebuilt the carb, fixed 4 wires where the mice thought it would be cool to chew on and adjusted the belts.
Funny thing is, after all that was done, I turned the key, it rolled over 4 times and fired right off. Then the wife says, I want to take it for a ride, LOL
AJ, Todd, Jim H, Jim B,

I am pretty sure I am in the number 2 spot from AJ. AJ, me and I sold it with another 140 with duals to Todd and then Todd sold AJs 140 to Jim H and I bought back the 140 with duals again.


Here is the other 140 I had
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Here is something that may be of interest to some of you. Most splined hubs on the vintage JDs are prone to develop play on the shaft in time. Many have heard of the product line Permatex but may not know that they also make products to join loose fitting cylindrical joints. I have a 316 with loose hubs and it got me looking around on the Web and I ran across this site. I plan to give this product a try along with the set screw upgrade to the hubs. It seems to have general use for filling any type of loose fitting joint. I am generally skeptical about such "band-aid" type products but I have had good success with the thread locking products so this may have some value. If any of you have tried this product and found it worthless, I would like to know and I will just stick with the set screw approach.

I have alway thought it would be neat to find out who all own our tractors and where all they have been before we ended up with them, the stories they could tell. Well now I know a little more about our 140. Lets keep it going does any one remember selling it to Jim F.
What rear tires are on that 140?

Super nice looking tractor, but the 1st thing I would do is space up the rear fenders!!!
Jim Brown

I was the first to have it.I traded to Jim Fernow.
I guess you got it from Jim Hartman??


They are 26x12-12.Never rubbed but they do look awful close in the pictures.

The 26 12x12s are now on the 317 we use to plow we put a smaller bar tire on the 140.

Aj, Do you remember who had it before you got it?
The $100 112 is getting some updates. I put on a later model 1 inch spindle axle,some new narrow rims from fellow WFMer Craig W.(thanks Craig) new tri ribs and a newer seat. Its looking better.

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I have 26-12-12 rear tires on my 69 140 loader tractor but I think I raised the FD to give some clearance. I agree with Mike D. I'd worry about losing a finger or two with them that close. Jim, I like the current figuration you have the tractor in now.

Here's my first 140 in it's light duty settup. I run this one light, but sometimes wish I had more weight on it when pulling the 80 cart loaded heavily. Like this winter on ice trying to pull a big load of firewood. It would jjust sit there and spin.

That green grass sure looks good now, all I've seen for over two months is white snow and ice!
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