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Great day here!
Took the opportunity to clean up after the last snowfall and get rid of some ice and snow with my two main snow removal crew tractors. Here are 5 photos I took this afternoon for your enjoyment.
[URL="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/86deereguy/Garden%20tractor%20photos/other%20jd%20garden%20tractors/"> photo bucket other tractors[/URL] Enjoy!
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Nice Steve, I'd say put in the into the Snow tread in the corner store.

I've never heard of a Tucker Sno-Cat before!
I bet it's comfy!
I did a google search for Snowcat and came up with this.
[URL="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/86deereguy/Winter%20Photos/?action=view&current=TuckerSnocat-2888763808_89e0fec1e7.jpg[/IMG] SnowCat-Big[/URL]
Enjoy while you can, this will probably be moved or deleted.
Russ, On both those knobs you want to remove you'll find lock nuts just below the knob. Put a wrench that fits on the lock nut and loosen the lock nut while holding the knob with a big pair of pliers using a cloth to cover the knob so you don't scratch up the knob. Is that clear to you? Good luck.
Pete, that looked like a shoe planter to me as you can see it in the photo. They can be converted to disk opener however.
I just noticed the double post, too late to delete it, darn it...

This afternoon I was going to install a pair of front wheel weights on my 317 snow thrower tractor and discovered this.
[URL="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/86deereguy/Garden%20tractor%20photos/other%20jd%20garden%20tractors/?action=view&current=IMG_0163.jpg[/IMG] 3 front wheel weight types[/URL]
I have one pair of those on the left, and a mis-matched pair of those on the right.
I wanted to use those without the notch since my valve stems are inside anyway, but the one on the right won't clear the metal hub cap on the 327. Anyone else have this problem? I wonder how I acquired a mis-matched pair?
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Gordon, I checked out the registry and the closest tractor I could find with a similar SN tag is this one owned by Lundell's.

110 1968 T0649 131869 K181 Kohler 8HP Green Hydraulic Jim Lundell & Sons

That is the only other tractor registered with that t0649 Type Code.
Don Lynch, That 300 project looks great! Will you bring it to plowday this year?

Ed Cardinal, That was very clever and looks good too! Nice going!

Roy, Who says you can't teach an ol' dog new tricks?
That is hilarious!
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Dreaming about a day with no snow here and remembering those fun days at Little G & Plow Days.

That was fun!
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Don, How is the engine looking?
Are you staying with the 16HP Kohler?

I want to take it for a lap at Montrose so get her done! !

Just for post # 4850! Enjoy!

[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLVC8Djt_p0"> John Deere 4850 Pulling at the Elkhart County, IN fair 2007. 18,000lb Dual Wheel farm class[/URL]
Hope that works!
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Kelly, Tell us more about it! Nice job.

Another video you might enjoy if you are not watching Tiger Woods today.

[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2ieXMbDLvY&feature=related"> " New Holland" vs "John Deere" vs "Valtra" , tractor field exibition[/URL]
Even the big boys like to play in the dirt!
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Ed, Here's what I did for my 1" raise for the fenderdeck on my 1969 140 with 26-12-12 Stones.
[URL="http://www.wfmachines.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=82322"> 1" sq. tubing[/URL]
Looks good Don L.
I did some maintenance on my 317 that I've been using to move snow this winter. Removed the fenderdeck and engine side panels for servicing.
[URL="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/86deereguy/Garden%20tractor%20photos/other%20jd%20garden%20tractors/?action=view&current=IMG_0172.jpg[/IMG] 18HP Kohler Command powered 317SE[/URL]
You can see how I raised the rear of the fenderdeck 1 inch with the square tubing. It's pretty easy and didn't require anything else.
AJ, I was going to suggest a used set also. You could buy a whole rear end brakes and all, maybe a tractor for the price of 4 brake shoes!

For the idea on trailer with seats for hauling your children or grand kids around check out what Little G did with the barrels. You can probably see it in the gallery photos. I'll look if I don't loose my internet connection too soon.
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Preston, Why didn't you use the firewall in your repower on the 400?

Also do you intend to use the engine side panel covers?
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Hi John, Out of curiosity, I just googled the description you guys gave for the package and one of the earlier ads for it came up with a price. I made up the $799, the ad price was for slightly more than that. ($800)

The second ad he listed did not show a price, so I guess I'd offer less than the $799 if I were interested in buying it.
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