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Tom.....That snow blower is either a 49 blower that will fit your 318. Or a 47 blower that will fit either the 420 or 318 with the proper frame mount I think. For that kind of money, I'm betting it's the 49.
Tom, if it is a two-stage it is surely not a 47 blower. My guess is he is probably talking about a model 46 blower which is basically a 49 blower that has a hydraulic chute added and I believe (but not positive) was made to fit the 420 (and 430?) but can also be made to fit the 318. If you look in the resto/hydro postings there is a thread on one right now !....Ed.
Just 129 tractors to go... Should be there by the end of this month!

Thanks to all those who tried! For those who still need to, it only takes a couple of minutes!


Hey Lowell,
Those other colored fire trucks just need to be left out in the sun a little....to ripen.
Happy new year everyone!
<font size="+2">Happy New Year 2010!

Rear of 316 representing 2009 going out and front of 420 the beginning of 2010.
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Happy New Year Every one, My new years resolution is to have a green machine I can hook up my new to me, plow, disc, and cultivator.
May 2010 be a better year for every one!

CUBS = Can't use, broken "stuff"....
Okay everyone,

Here's one for you guys/gals. I replaced the mounting bracket on a mule drive that came with my 316. Long ago when I pulled it off I knew it didn't look right since it was missing one side of the mounting bar. Does this bracket look familiar to anyone? Is it supposed to be this way? Was a special bracket like this used for something else? Why would it be made like this do you think? Was it pulled apart at one time and a new bar welded on?

The receiver bracket underneath the front of the tractor is fine. There's nothing as far as the mounting bracket slots are concerned that would warrant this bracket to be built this way. Since it almost looks like the rod is factory I was just curious to know if this was a special made bracket.


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Kenneth that was indeed taken apart at one time and repaired.
I have never seen a mule drive not have ears stick over.

The factory weld would have been a nice smooth weld as they were dome with nice wire feed welders

That one is done cold/dirty and probably with a little miller or something like that
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I got the Deere's out today, Let there batteries charge. I wish I had some work to do with them.
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Finally got this Christmas present from my parents put up today.
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The diesel brothers look great.
The 332 will look even better with the Tru Powers and Vredesteins.

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Looking good Drew, how about sending some of that sunshine to Michigan?
Can someone tell me weather or not if I reg. my tractors if the ones already on there will be counted twice. I'm sure I must have reg. a couple before. I know that none were prev. owned by members. I should be able to add about 25. Don't want to screw up count.
John, love the clock!

Doug, you cant register one if its already registered. It goes by serial number...
DREW. If you dont send sunshine I'll send you some of this....ha

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AJ Thanks, I got my tires, ordered, and my front wheels, They should be in next week. I will post a pic when I get them put on

Harold/Roy On its way... Ha Ha Its been sunny here, but its been pretty cold. I wish we would get a little bit of snow, not to much though, I work for the Alabama Department of Transportation, and we just are not equipped to handle a big snow event.

OH BTW, Here is my new Plow Day Tractor LOL My family thought it would be funny to get me this for Christmas, YES I PLAYED WITH IT. LOL I have put in back in the box, I am going to save it for when me and my wife have kids...
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Romeo Isabelle Jr. - Thank you bud. I was suspicious about that bracket ever since I saw it but I wasn't totally sure. Boy, I'm not sure why in the world someone would do that to a mounting bracket but it takes all kinds.

Larry A. Decker - Good lookin' picture of your 214 and "Yes" I'm Thinking Spring.

John W. Smith - Nice 140 H3. Looks like it's in pretty darn good shape for sure. Nice lookin' clock too.

Larry F. Hall - That 317 looks pretty darn good as well.

John Lang - Happy New Year to you as well!!!

Drew Gardner - That's a great lookin' work crew you have there for sure!!! Serves you right for not havin' anything to do with your tractors by postin' that picture.

ROY SCHROEDER - That looks ((((((coooooooooold!))))))

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