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I am looking for the cast covers on a 140 axel the part # is
(M44095) it goes on last then the hub. It was discontinued in 2005 any help would be appreciated
Thank You,
Robert England [URL="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected][/URL]
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Adam, The 214 has every bit as much power as a 140 (similar k321 engine) and maybe more pulling grunt due to no lost power from a hydro trans. the 214 is also a bit heavier, not by much though.

However, The H3 hydraulics on the 140s are very useful and allow for a much wider range of attachments.
"Better" depends on what you want to use the tractor for.

Last year I bought an '88 332 with almost 2200 hours on it. It is not pretty and it has a handful of what I consider easy fixes (sloppy steering, hydro is out of adjustment are the major things).

I picked it up from a JD dealer on consignment for about $1300. It came with AG tires and a pretty worn out 50" deck.

The PO had a small lawn mowing business and always brought it back to the dealer for service.
There is a very little blow-by when I wind it up but other than that, with a little luck, it will last longer than I do!

Good luck!


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I bought a 332 last year from a dealer in Indiana for $1,100.00. Cosmetically, it needed some attention, (i.e. new seat, new paint, crack in the hood) but it was complete with 674 hours. I changed all the fluids. replaced the fuel lines inside the fuel tank, and a new fuel pump. I also installed a two speed and diff lock differential from a 420. Other than the fuel pump, I have not had any issues. The JD battery needed jumped every time when I first got it and I was going to replace it. But after a few uses it came to life and hasn't needed a jump in over a year. I use it weekly for mowing or pushing snow.

Love the tractor still needs paint.

Like Chuck says make sure to keep the radiator clean and the air flowing.

I would definitely change the fuel lines in the fuel tank since the tractor is +/- twenty years old. My fuel lines were brittle and broken and it would still draw fuel when the tank was full. I think I lost a fuel pump due to this. It either ran dry too long or sucked up a piece of hose. The early model pump is over $150.00 and the late model pump is around $60.00. If you need a pump and you have a early model tractor. You can modify the late model pump to fit the early model tractor and save some green.

Hope this helps, I think you will enjoy the tractor.

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I gave $1500 for this 332 tractor, 50" deck and both service manuals. No hour meter, but I would guess around 1000 hours.

A lot of time and ambition and it now looks like this:

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Nice turbo on the 332 How much extra power does it make?
Mike very nice job on the 332!! I would like to own one someday myself
Will a snow Blower off a JD400 fit on a JD430. It is a 2 stage 47" blower. Model number on the blower is a 47 snowblow-400.
Mike C.
Roger & Mike,

I believe the 47 two stage blower was made for the 420/430, not the 400. adapters straps were sold to mount it on a 400 or a person could widen the lower pins, but it should fit right on the 420 or 430. That is assuming you have the pto and frame extension needed for the 430.

Hey Jame
While everyone else is posting 332 pics, I thought I might as well, Mine is a 1992 model with 1100 hours on it. Give 1000.00 for it. Come with 2 decks a 47, and a new style 48. It was pretty well taken care of, It just mowed lawns all its life. It has a few minor things wrong, A hole in one of the front hydraulic lines, and it needs a glow plug module, The P.O. had the glow plugs wired to a momentary toggle switch, it works great, I need to fix it though. Its getting some new shoes tomorrow, 26x12x12 Tru Powers, and 18x8.50x8 V61's. Anyway, Like everyone else said, as long as you keep your screens clean, and do the proper maintenance on it, It will last a life time. My 330 (bought new by my dad in 86)has been a wonderful machine. Its in need of some TLC cosmetic wise, but other than that its a STRONG tractor.

Here it is the day after I got it. I actually was sick that night, (a stomach bug). I unloaded it and went in the house.

Here it is at our Alabama Plow Day 2009, My good friend Justin was bitten buy the JD bug that day.
He know owns a x495, 212, 420, and 317.

The 330, turning my garden.
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Thanks guys, I really have my heart set on making this work, what a perfect combination. We just got 46" of snow this past weekend and about 18" more between Monday and today. My 790 with loader can't get rid of it, it's just piling up.
I can't seem to find a blower that came off of a 430, this is the closest I have gotten. I'm going to contact my JD dealer tomorrow and confirm.
Thanks again,
Mike C.
Thanks for your thoughts Dan, and Bika. I have always loved the look of the 140 over the 214, and you both are confirming the usefulness of the Hydraulics. I hope to pick up a nice 140 soon. Or maybe a 318...or 332...or 420...or 112H...or 110...Adam
Adam- The other thing to consider is the cost of attachments. You can get a 214 set up with all you want for a lot less money than a 140. I own both and the 140 is my favorite. But with that said my 200 series tractors end up doing all the work around here. A would say buy them both!
No way of measuring the power, but from what I recall blowing snow last winter, it would give my 28 EFI powered 420 a run for its money.
Where can I find the new 2010 calendar? I know that some one was working on it in the fall.

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Rod, Gary Behm was the person working on the calendar. He has the cover shown in the WFM gallery [URL="http://www.wfmachines.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=157621"> 2010[/URL]
John & Rod,
I pretty much have the calendar pages made and will try to get those to go into the first page in the gallery.I think I have that figured out,but don't count on it.It will be like other years where you can save them to your computer for printing,so you will only get the pages,the binding will have to be what you chose.
John the one in my album is not the cover pic,it is a single one page full year with all 12 months on it.
I have a few errands to run first,then will try to get started loading these today.Their will be 19 pages total,6 of the full year,the 12 months and the cover pic.
Mike C, I believe to put a 47 blower that was on a 400 on a 430 you would need

BM16360 front implement bracket and BM16359 PTO extension.

Is anyone out there Turbo Charging a 430, looking for some information.

[URL="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected][/URL]
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