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Bill Robinson, Nice looking combination there! question for you. That front bumper set up. is that stock or did you fab it up? I like it very much.
Thanks Josh.
I cant wait to try them out. I have heard some complaints about Tru Powers, and them not cleaning out so well in wet conditions. I hunted for a set of Firestones, which is what I wanted to begin with, but could never find any, so I went ahead and ordered the Tru Powers. Our soil down here is really sandy, As a matter of fact, the place I live is called "Sand Mountian" I didn't a problem with the Goodyears I had on it, Maybe these Tru Powers will be just fine. I think the V61's look great on these little tractors. They look like the front tires I have on my 5210. (which need replacing)
Adam, The cost of the implements for a 140 will be worth it. Look at it as a long term investment
You buy the stuff over time so the costs seem to be absorbed easier.
I'm still waiting to come across the right 140 to keep my 210 company.
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Went out to blow some "re-blown" drifts with the 74-112 today.

Blower wouldn't move up or down! Crawled under to check, actuator was jerking but not moving in or out. Put the heat gun on it for a few minutes & it started working! Apparently some snow had worked into it the last time I used it & froze it up!

Anybody else ever have this problem? ~~ Lowell
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I am here to tell ya, for winter use them Carlisle All trails work GREAT. 69 140 with 54 blade and no weights,, well except for my 270lbs
Lowel, Nope, haven't had that pleasure yet. Bill Robinson: any chance of some measurements/closeups of that "hood saving push bumper"?
All -

We just need 103 more tractors to hit the 10,000 mark! There are currently only 7 tractors that have been entered in the "7 days"... Kinda low since we've been above 35/40 for quite some time!

Another update!

We only need 97 tractors now to hit the 10,000 mark.

On a side note, I just answered 35+ emails and updated over 55 tractor records in the database.

I'm now working backwards. I believe I have answered all emails back to November 1st 2009. If you emailed me since then, and did NOT get a response from me, please shoot me another email.

It's slow and coming, but I'm getting there.

The following folks' emails bounced back:

Kenny Sutton
Ed Schanely

Left at who knows when around 0 dark 30....who can sleep when there are deere to rescue??

692 miles round trip....went out to flatlander heaven, middle of nowhere, a 1 horse town.

Picked up this "road kill".....at one time, the big buck of the deere family.

Not much left after the poachers and vultures finished picking at the carcass.
A clue here.....

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Spring's right around the corner! Hooked up the plow today to try out my rebuilt hydraulic cylinder and newly installed 3-point.

Worked great other than the ground being frozen about 4" down.

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Jim, I am leaning to that "find" being a 330 or a 332. I think a 430 might be too long to fit in your truck bed......but might since there is no rear-end.

UPDATE - now leaning to 430 since there looks to be a spot on the frame for the 2 speed lever.
Jim, looks like a 430 for another project your working on.
Jim, It looks like the radiator is at the front end, so it must be a 430, not 330 or 332.
LOL....prize goes to Ralph.....he wasnt guessing!

George....I dont think 330's and 332's have a firewall either..........
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