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Rumor has it that Mike Duwe has now driven 140's from Alaska to Kentucky.
Yup the world traveler. Travis nice meeting you and thanks for the hospitality.

Should be a fun winter putting the 16hp in my 140
So is it reasonably possible to fit a 4x5 Curtis cab on a 430? The brakes being too wide probably. I own one currently, and a heated cab wouldn't hurt my feelings.
A successful Deere hunt today! My BIL picked up this 318 from fellow WFMer Jeff Juni. Had a great time chatting with Jeff and checking out his amazing collection! The most amazing part was that I didn't come home with another machine!

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Ordered me a .30 over piston today. For what you might wonder. Details coming soon.
i have a 72 112 that doesn't have head lights or tail lights i have t tractor that has them in it is it worth switching the lights over to my 72 112 that i am redoing
Cody first welcome to WFM. Only you can answer the question if its worth doing or not. Roger
thank you and i think it is worth it i have got engine out of it plan on restoring it and did the electric clutch machines have a different side cover this one didn't come with one and one off my 70 112 wont fit it
Cody there are at least 3 PTO covers depending on the year and tractor configurations. You should move your questions to the Vintage Restoration and Repair Forum - Gear Drive Section. That is where the people who own your type of tractors live and you will get more and better responses there. Roger
Just sharing a photo of the guys before they got put away for the winter.


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Lookin' good Paul!!!
~~ Lowell
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Mr Paul I'm saving the picture.
That is beautiful.
Thanks for posting .

Keep 'em dry & warm .
Darrin Behm - Didn't you paint metal chairs John Deere colors? Is the picture I posted of the two chairs yours?

Jeffrey Giesige - That's really a GREAT picture of your 140 plowing! Thank you for posting. That would be a great calendar picture!

Paul Dyer - Great picture, as well, of your guys! Thank you posting. Really cool!!!!

When I was painting a hood for a 322 there was a sticker on the inside of the hood that showed 2nd shift and a date. Is this an assembly date or the date the hood was manufactured? Since this tractor's serial number is between my two tractors which are 600 numbers apart, it will give me an idea when they were built. Thanks in advance with any help.
Paul, looking good, whats next a full size B?
I'm sorry to jump in here. Please tell a new member how to create a new thread/discussion?

No matter where click I only see "archives". I hope I'm not so dense that It's extremely obvious. I've belonged to many dozens, perhaps hundreds, of forums over the years and this is the first time I've ever found myself simply unable to discover how to navigate to a section of active topics to choose from or to "create a new thread".

Thanks so much
11081 - 11100 of 11217 Posts
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