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cody what part of ny are you from. im in Brockport. Have you gone to any plow days?
Im in central ny morrisville and no want to go to some plow days next year
I do lots of grading with my 322 with a 54 front blade. More rear weight is always helpful (200-300 out back)as are chains if you are running turfs. Make sure your cutting edge isn't worn down to the main blade. I quit using JD cutting blades.The one on my 54 blade now is 3"x1/2" 54" hot rolled that I ran a weld bead of hard surface on the bottom edge. It takes 5 to 6 sticks at a buck a stick (money well spent). You will find that you will get best results grading in a reverse direction. If you have a 3 point hitch, a 60" landscape rake works good for spreading and smoothing gravel in the forward direction. Dirtworks makes one that isn't too expensive and works pretty good. If you abuse it the tines will bend,but you can bend them back.

A center blade would be great,but they don't grow on trees. Who knows maybe if you asked in the wanted section...
Thanks for all the help guys. I got the wheel weights on last night. They weigh 72.6 more or less. Since I've never done any grading before I will be taking it slow. Hopefully the driver is good at spreading it around too. I'll post a photo or two when I get finished on Monday. JR
the sleeve hitch i got last night looks like it has a 140 lift bar will the lift bar weork on my 317
There is a plow day out in Geneva tomorrow. Not sure how far that is from Morrisville, maybe 2 hours?

By the way, my son Tim is attending Morrisville for Diesel Tech program. Very nice area up there and when I either pick him up or take him back for Thanksgiving, I will have to check out the JD dealer. Looks like they got a lot of good stuff.

John it's called docs repair shop in randlesville and thanks on the plow day info and I'm right near the diesel tech building
I was referring to Cazenovia Equipment (I think it's called that) along route 20. But since you mentioned it I will also put Doc's on the list too.
I don't know if anyone else has gotten this but I got a spam e-mail from Dennis Kabah offering his services in both English and French stating WFM as his source. First time since 2002 that this has happened to me. Roger
Few of us have gotten it, myself included. There's a thread about it that was started in Corner Store.
Does anyone know of an aftermarket source for the wear strip for a 54" blade
Roger, I got one (same name) this evening, never heard of him, so I sent it directly to "spam" without opening it. ~~ Lowell

I also received one............Promptly canned it without opening it...........Gary
Keith, Heavy Hitch makes an upgraded version.
what can i use for bottom mounting o a sleeve hitch on my 317 with out going to john deere and buying the proper stuff im on a budget
Cody, there are cheap sleeve hitches (watch local want-ads or Craigslist or eBay) for MTD that are fairly universal. You could bolt one up to the 317 frame and make a lift link from all thread and a couple of clevises.
i got hitch im looking for the bolts and bushing for bottom part of mount i can get bot i need ideas for bushing part
roger i got it too
Cody, if they are NLA I would suggest eBay. Ones for a 31 or 33 tiller should work.

11141 - 11160 of 11217 Posts
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