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Cody you can buy the bushing from JD. They are also easy to make if you have a lathe. From memory they are 1/2 ID by 3/4 OD. You might also find the right size bushings in a hardware stores Hilman section. Not a big box store. The exception might be Menards. Roger
Here's my new 430 john Deere with 517 hours on her next to my 400. Does anyone know if the 430 used the hapco seats? I've seen a few older ones that appear to have one on there. Thanks.

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That is a good looking 430 (and 400).
517 is some low hours,barely broke in!
Beautiful day everyone! Just thought I'd share a pic of mine. 1260 hours on the ticker. Needs some touchin up but he's paid for! }
how long
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This is what it says when I try to upload a picture? What am I doing wrong?
Jerry , it is a WFM peculiarity having to do with antiquated software . Up above this thread (just above the older file listings) is a blue photo resizing button . Try using it to resize your pics .
Cody 1/2 inch long. If you go to JD Parts you can find all this info.

Jerry pictures need to be 640 x 480 and not more the 75 KB in size.

roger i looked it up and wont give me the info i need and it gives me nut and bolt and washer size

Go to the hardware store and buy 1/2" socket head cap screws. The ones you use an Allen wrench on. they are 3/4" on the head and work fine for the interval hitch.
Cody for future information you have to price the part to get the info on it. When you are shown the price and if the dealer has it the sizes will be towards the bottom of the page. Tod that is a very good alterative. I will have to try those bolts next time I need to do this. Roger
I'm looking at a tractor and I want to make sure it's the correct engine year . Does anyone have the serial numbers list for kohler engines
Garrett, engine dates can often be a year earlier than the tractor. I had another list that showed later dates into the 2000s, but seem to have lost that one. It continued the same pattern as the last column.

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Garrett it isn't unusual for a Kohler engine to up to one model year older than the tractor. Roger
How would it work for 68 140 since it's the first year. Would it just be an older kohler motor then?
Was the 68 140 serial tag on the side of the dash?
Garrett the first 140s built had a different serial number location but it was soon changed to the normal location. It was something like 1500 tractors but no promises that is the right number. It was on the side but so high up the hood covered it. It was on the right side of the pedestal not the actual dash. Roger
Can someone tell me what tractors this deck fits? I only know the serial number. It is 034363M. The seller says it was off a round fender, but I think it is for a 300 series or a 140. It is advertised as a 48 inch deck.

Thanks, Dan
11161 - 11180 of 11217 Posts
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