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210 Brake Question

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I had to purchase a new driveshaft for my 47 in snow blower. The old one came off just fine. Per the manual I placed some "Never Seeze" on the shaft exiting from the blower. I slid the new drive shaft onto the shaft from the blower ensuring the woodruff key was aligned. The new drive shaft appears to go all the way forward, but the holes in which you insert the pin don't line up. It appears either the shaft coming from the blower has to come out more or the drive shaft has to go in more.

I tried this with the old shaft also and have the same issue.

Anyone ever reinstall this? The manual makes it sound like you just slide on the drive shaft and insert the pin. in principle, this should be very easy. But it is not working.

Any advice?

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Yesterday I was underneath my 210 installing the 43C center blade when I turned my head and looked up at the brake assembly. I had the tractor in neutral with the parking brake set. The brake band was cocked and not sitting squarely on the brake drum. The top of the band was leaning toward the left rear tire. The brake lining on top and bottom is not making full contact with the drum. Only about half of the brake lining is making contact on the top and bottom of the drum. If I release the parking brake the brake I can slip the brake band completely over the drum. I can only assume that when I drive the tractor and brake, the brake pad is being applied in this cocked orientation. Is there an adjustment I can do?

As always your comments are appreciated.

Both my 212's are that way. I replaced one with a band I purchased via ebay...still that way. Works perfectly, I may add.

Alrighty then. My brakes work fine too. I have some steep hills and the brakes hold the tractor fine. It just doesn't look right to me. Maybe there is nothing to worry about.

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