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210 fuel filter location?

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Well, I've got my 425 about as tricked out as it can be. Bigger 445 style tires, full front hydraulics, 3 pt, rear PTO.

But I notice that in JDParts there is a breakout for a rear hydraulic outlet kit. They just show all the parts, but do not reference a whole-goods number. So one could build up a kit from all the parts, which seem to be still available.

Is it safe to assume there had been a complete kit, now NLA? If so, does anyone know what its stock number would have been? Perhaps there is one gathering dust on some JD dealer shelf. (that raises another question - how to find where it might be - can one dealer do a computer search - or do I need to call up all the JD dealers, one by one ?? !!)
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You would probably be better off and talking to one of the salesmen to see if he could look it up in the whole goods library to find out if it NLA. Once he/she figures that out, they should be able to search Nationwide to see if anyone has one in old stock.

I would be interested to see what you find out as I just bought a 425. Post some pics of your 425 with the bigger tires please. I think the 425's look funny with those little tires on them....lol
If I remember correctly, the 445 uses 18-850 x 8 tires, which use a wider rim than the 16-650 x 8 ones that are stock on the 425. Looks like the wide tires might rub on the steering spindle arms, if used on the narrow rims. Anyway, I finessed that issue by finding some 18-750 x 8 tires, which clear all the steering parts nicely.
The rear hydraulic kit BM17939 went NLA about 3-4 years ago. Someone on this forum mentioned that was happening so I ran to my dealer and bought one...about $120 on fire sale as I recall. Anyway, I believe one of the sponsors of this site hade a similar kit...don't recall the price and don't see his logo at the top of the forum any longer. I hope this helps..if I can recall the sponsor's name, I'll repost, however, I'm sure there are others that will remember.
On a 1980 model 210, did it come from the factory with an inline fuel filter? If so, where is it supposed to be located?
I believe the pet cock screen was the only original filter. You can add one anywhere along the fuel line.
I have a 212 and a 214 and I replaced the petcocks, fuel line, and put an Auto Zone in line fuel filter on both.
The fuel line runs along the left frame rail and I put my filters in line about where your left foot rests.
I did the same thing last year on my 1980 216, which was not built with one. Worked fine the whole season.
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