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210 Rattle

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Hello all. I have a rattle coming from my 210. Sounds like a penny dropped in an aluminum can and shaken. It is intermittent, but basically happens constantly. I have narrowed it to the location in the picture and you can almost feel it if you put your hand on the side (about 3-4 inches above the variator adjustment knock-outs and 2 inches to the right of the variator adj arm)--something appears to be hitting there, or hitting elsewhere and causing me to think it is there? Any ideas?? Thanks in advance. Brian
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I am planning on going to look at a 335 john deere with a neighbor. How many hours are to many for these machines? I know how they are taken care of helps out on this. Not sure how long the kawasaki's will last, or if there are known problems with them. I have emailed the party that has it for sale and waiting to hear back from them. Any input would be great. Thanks Aaron
The Kawasaki engines are great engines, but parts can be pricey. The main concern is on the older 335s that had the plastic cam gear. Basically pre-1999 had them. You can get a steel cam replacement kit from Deere. In the Technical FAQ section here, there is a thread from Tom Ingels on replacing the plastic cam gear.

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Hi Aaron, It's tough to say. I have a 445 with almost 1600 hours still doing well, and another 445 with 575 hours and a worn out engine. I took a 285 up to around 1850 hours before it needed a rebuild.

If you could do a quick compression check, that would tell you a lot about the life left in the engine, though that may be awkward to do depending on the seller.

Good luck,
I do not believe the 335 had the plastic cam gear. The 345 had it until 1999. Engine was the Kawasaki FD590V twin cylinder liquid cooled. I have had two of them. One is in my current 345 and has been changed to steel.
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