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210 secondary idler pulley

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I am reaching out to anyone who has a PFC (Power Flo Blower) for grass and leaves attached to their 60" Commercial Deck for a JD425/445 or 455. I believe that I identified just about all of the hardware required to attach the power flo unit to my deck, yet I have just a few questions:

Question#1: Are there 2 physical connections that the blower must make to the deck? I understand that the connection closest to the front of the deck is a post bracket, JD Part# AM118913, yet there appears to be a clip/clamp at the rear underside of he PFC Blower that needs to attach to the rear of the chute opening of deck, or attach close to where the belt would run to the added 2nd pulley. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could advise if a secondary piece of hardware needs to be added to my deck to mate with this clip on the blower.

Question #2: There is both a deck shield support bar (JD Part#: M117221) as well as a plastic deck shield (Jd Part#: M114476) that are recommended in the schematic drawing on JDParts.com for this PF w/ 60" deck set-up. Is the deck shield support bar and deck shield really necessary for correct operation, or are they simply offered to cover up the pulley and belt - (for safety reasons)?

Lastly, is anyone who has this set-up, willing to part with and sell all of the required hardware to accomplish the task above? If so, I'd be willing to purchase this from you, as you may no longer have a need for these items?

If anyone has pictures of their deck set-up as it relates to question #1, I'd certainly appreciate seeing them. I've scoured the net for pictures, yet cannot locate any. My email address is [email protected] or post in thread?

I've uploaded a picture from installation manual posted online, yet I have no idea what this is referring to per my own deck inspection
See link below for more details:
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Rob, The powerflow blower attaches to the tab with a slot in it just in front of the rear deck wheel. No other attaching hardware is needed, other than the post you already have.
Thanks for your response Randy. Do you have this set-up? Perhaps my deck has been welded over in that location as there are no visible openings or slots located on my deck or deck outbound chute in front of the rear wheel.

Just to make sure I am not going insane here, so would you be able to take a picture of your set-up or at least the slot in your deck? (again assuming that you have this set-up)?

The tab or-lock tab that fits into this "slot" from the blower will rotate a bit off it's axis and is attached to a spring, so I am assuming that mechanically it may also affect the blower if it is not in the right position? Are you aware of what function this may have other than just holding the rear of the blower unit secure against the deck?

In the above diagram of the 60" deck from jdparts.com I noticed that to the left of #45 at the bottom of the back of the deck chute, there appears to be a slight bend in the bottom of the deck that angles up, closest to the rear wheel and there appears to be an opening (hole) at that location in the deck! Is this where it should mount, as if so, I don't have this lifted portion of deck.
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Here is a picture of the back of my chute and deck (below), and a 2nd picture of the clip coming out of the bottom (back) of the blower.
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Rob, Your deck is missing the tab I'm talking about. See attached picture.
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Thanks VERY much Randy - this certainly helps a lot! Off to JD now to see if this can be purchased.....
Just to close off on this issue, it appears that this tab cannot be purchased from JD. I'll have to rig-up something on my own!
Quick Update (for those who may encounter the same issue in the future).....

The tab CAN in fact be purchased through JDParts.... I was able to pick one up a month ago and my JD455-(AWS) & MC519 Cart are working like a charm.....about $350.00 (total in hardware) to add a pulley, and attach the blower and MC519 to the 455! Well worth the $'s and effort in the end. I can't wait for the fall leaves!
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Been out plowing snow. Noticed the idler pulley is starting to rub the transaxle pulley! New belts on this machine and is driving good. Do I need to replace the springs? They have never been replaced. Thanks.

Could be springs but more likely the bushing or the bolt it pivots on could be bad or loose. Roger
I bet your right Roger. Its pretty sloppy. Thanks.

I just cannot picture this.
Do you mean to say the ARM for the idler is moving off center and rubbing on the transaxle drive pulley?
Scott. The tensioner pulley is rubbing on the transaxle pulley. Like Roger said, it sounds as if the bushing or bolt is worn.

Scott the pulleys are very close to rubbing from the factory. Because the idler when the bushing or bolt holding it wears and allow movement side to side the pulleys can touch. Roger
I have a parts tractor at home that does this, except the bolt that holds the tensioner pulley is so work that it has so much side to side play that it will throw the belt off. I'll probably fix this over spring break.

OK then. I have two 212's and I have replaced just about every item on these and sometimes three times. I remember the tensioner idler is quite a ways from the drive pulley. The only manner in which I can get them to contact, is to remove the belt.
Scott with the variator all the way back it gets very close. All the way forward you are right it isn't very close. If the belt is worn/stretched/or the wrong one or the variator is out of adjustment the belt gets even closer. Roger
Roger. Do you know the best way to go about replacing that bolt and bushing. Looks like removing the wheel would be the best. I can always machine a bushing at work if I don't have something on hand already. Thanks to all.

The hole in that arm wears out too. Deere has all the items required.
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