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210 Secondary Idler Return Spring

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Will the JD Power flow 2 bagger system mount ok with the JD factory rear weight bracket on the 445?
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Is it a system from a 425, 445 or 455 with the same size deck? If it is not maybe probably not. Roger
Howdy all,

This weekend I replaced the primary and secondary drive belts on my 78 JD210. Getting ready for snow blower season! I also picked up a new secondary idler return spring part number M41946. I also ordered a Variator spring but they were out of stock. I have noticed the old gal would slow way down going up hills. I could grab the clutch pedal and bring it to the top and she would speed up. As soon as I let go the clutch pedal would drop and the speed would drop as well. Earlier in the summer I serviced the variator pivot bolt, and variator, adjusted the variator spring (Shortened it), and adjusted the variator with not much improvement. Then I read in the archives about other members having similar issues and resolved them with a new idler return spring. Well guess what? My variator problems where in fact due to the secondary idler return spring! The spring I removed was much longer and smaller in diameter than the new one I just got. See picture below. In fact the way it was routed is suspicious. I always heard a spring stretching sound when I would push in the clutch. That long spring was rubbing on the rectangular cut out that it passed through. I attached my new spring in a small hole in the frame. This hole lines up with the spring and required me to stretch the spring about an inch to get it mounted. I hope this is right. If you have a picture of where your secondary idler spring is attached please share. My clutch pedal now comes up fast as soon as I get my foot off it. I have a steep hill and my driveway is all up hill to the street. Now I can blast up those in 4th gear with the variator all the way forward. This site and its members are amazing. We all learn from others experiences. I thought I would post in the event it can help someone in the future.


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Just off the top of my head........I remember my idler arm spring for the 212's has a heavy gauge wire extension on the front. NOT part of the spring. Rather the spring fastens onto it and that extension is what passes up towards the front. Near the steering gear/variator assy.

Yes, I replace parts. Anytime I service something, I replace parts. Has it helped me. I can't say. I have all sorts of problems. Overkill I guess, but I can't see reusing old parts with new.

I think I screwed up! I just went to the JD parts site and the spring they show looks like the one I removed. The one I installed is for earlier serial numbers. Awe man! But it works so good now. I guess I will reinstall the old spring and see how things go. Like Homer Simpson sez DOH!


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naw. keep it on there. My variator is so tight that the foot pedal jumps upward when I push the handle control forward. I love it. Generally it takes about 100 yards to achieve full ground speed on a variator when moved from notch one to notch five. Not on this baby. I bought this varziator hub assy from eBay and it as a rusty mess. Works like new!!
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