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210 weight box

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I changed the fuel pump on my 345 18 hp v-twin after a failure and ran the mower for an hour and then it stalled. Acts like classic vapor lock issue. I checked the vented cap, changed filter and ran all new fuel lines to eliminate any line colapse etc. Also checked the pick up line in the tank for cracks. I can start it and shows fuel in the filter and after about 30 seconds or so it dies, I pull the line of the exit line side of the pump to burp it or check for gas and it will start back up for a short time and die again. What is the pump rated for in volume so I can check it to see if it is putting out the correct amount to feed the engine. It acts like bad pump but also acts like vapor lock. Any ideas ?

Thanks, Martin
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Martin, Check your coolant level and make sure your radiator screens are clean and clear. I had a customer with a GX345 this summer who this happened to. It seemed like a vapor lock issue, but this cured his.
Martin, somehow your gas is boiling and locking up, I'm wondering if the factory heat shield on your 345 is missing? It keeps muffler heat away from the carb and fuel pump. It is a black steel one, later 345's and GX 345's used a smaller black plastic shield. I know this because a John Deere parts manager called us for one and Mother Deere doesn't have any more. Also, are you burning ethanol? That stuff loves to vapor lock. Good luck to ya. Fred
Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has made a weight box for their 210 or any tractor of the series. Also wanted to know if you had the schematics for it. Thanks in advance!
Plenty. Look back about four months ago. Lots of pics too.

Do you have a tiller? I used my tiller mount, wedged a couple 1x2 steel tubes in, attached them with 1/4"bolts to the tiller mount, in existing holes, then I put a large ammo can on top of the steel tube, and fastened that with muffler clamps. You could make a plywood box, just use steel angle brackets on all seams.
Here's a couple links:

In the second link mine is shown with barbell weights. I have since modified it to hold a milk crate full of weights.
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