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1977 212 serial number is in the 70,000 range. I just picked it up and am going through it. I noticed that there are no rubber isolators between the fender pan and the rear mounts. On my 330 there are 4 rubber isolators that the fender pan sits on. I opened up the parts diagram and there are two of them for the fender pan. One diagram is for tractors with serial numbers up to 55,000 and the other diagram is for any serial after 55,000. In the <55,000 diagram is shows 4 rubber isolators. On the diagram its number 5 and number 10. In the >55,000 diagram which would be for my tractor it only shows rubber mounts for the front of the fender pan. Part number 6. It seems weird that the rear mounts would just be metal on metal. Is that correct for it to be metal on metal or should I add rear isolator mounts?
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