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212 Deck pulley not right - help please?

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I was working on my gauge cluster today.
After I reinstalled it the tractor now cranks over with the key just in the on position.

Anyone ever see this?
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The pictures below were taken from left side of tractor (left side when you sit on tractor - not facing it) to show the deck issue I have. The 'right' LIFT STRAP Rod (M42254) is rubbing against IDLER (AM121238) and shaving off metal on the rod. When I was mowing yesterday, I noticed the tractor kind of was slow when mowing.

Also, the mower belt is on the lower side of Idler grove... is it correct?

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I believe that you have the lift strap on backwards. I have it on the other way and it seems fine. I don't know for sure but I don't think that where the belt rides on the idler matters because that is why Deere made it as thick as they did. I think it has something to do with the pulley swinging. That is all I noticed with mine.
Thanks Ryan. Will try changing the strap orientation. Appreciate the help
maybe it's just me..... What for deck is that? Nothing in the picture looks familiar to me.
It is a 38" deck and the picture was taken from right side when you face the tractor.
I think that the deck may not be a 212 deck. The strap threaded bend at the bottom looks turned around. Or, it may be a replacement deck that I'm not familiar with. Can you find a model number?
Richard, here is the tag no: U043H 400 533
before I painted it over stupidly! :- After painting I might have messed up putting stuff back together.
Id: I'm afraid someone else is going to have to answer you about the deck. I have a list of possible decks that fit the 200 series. That particular number (U043H) does not appear on my list. If it worked before it should work again. As KB said it may be a replacement deck.
ID I found your serial number tag but it isn't for a mower. UO43H****** is a tag for a model 43 JD blade for a 200 series tractor. The H means it was built in 1979. Either you or someone else put the wrong tag on the deck. Roger
This is a picture of Ed Lincoln's 38" 2 blade replacement deck. This is the type you have isn't it?
Don't know if you can see anything in the photo that will help.

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Ed Lincoln's deck is a later deck, >555001. Yours is below that serial #. If the idler pulley is over that far, the belt is stretched, or it's the wrong belt. Both 38" 2 blade decks take the
M82538 belt.
Sorry guys, I was away for few days. And apologies for posting wrong info: here is the correct SNO for deck: M0066 3X50 7493. And tractor is 1983 (Sno: M00212 X 226554)
And the mower belt is new JD original bought from local dealer about 7 weeks ago.
Richard, the threaded bolt of the Strap - if I turn around to other side might make the strap rub against the belt from engine! The pics I took are from right side of tractor when you face it. So the strap & threaded end bolt which is rubbing against the pulley belong to left side of tractor when you face it. Hope I assembled it right! I think I will wait for spring to attack this issue. In the next week or so, I am going to remove the deck and go back to the blade to get ready for winter.
ID: Thank you for the correct model Number. Yes that is a 212 compatible deck. The hanger with the threaded L hook goes on the right side as I am sitting on the tractor. Sometimes the wrong belt or a very worn belt will cause the tension arm to rub on the idler pulley.
Richard, thanks for the response: I will check the L hook orientation when I take the deck off in the next few days. My wife gave ultimatum I should not go within 12" of JD unless I clear the garages for cars to go in for winter! No choice but follow boss order! :)

Thanks for the help
The garage is not in the realm of her jurisdiction, Its man cave! no authority can usurp this time honored principle, its in the US constitution! [I think it is]
LOL,Mick! I know but hard to put up with civil unrest at home: got to give what the woman wants and get back to cave seems to be prudent at thus moment
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