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212 drive belts.

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I have a chance to purchase a 68 RER. The owner will send me pictures when she is able. My question: is it difficult to obtain parts from John Deere for these 68s?

What about replacement decals? Like the 68 decal that goes on the engine shroud.

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Decals will be a problem. You might spot some on eBay from time to time. At any rate, be careful to preserve the old ones unless your have the replacements in hand. Parts shouldn't be a problem. In my area, I've bought whole riders for $50. If the tractor doesn't move while in gear, most likely it is a broken shear pin in the axle. Very easy to replace but most people think the transmission is shot. They are good mowers. The single blade 30' model will take a rear bagger. The two blade 34' will not. DO NOT ever stand one on it's tail if it comes with that option. It's dangerous in my opinion. They look really cute with a 10P cart on them.
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Mark Welter - Thank you for the response. The woman that emailed me about the 68 never sent any photos so I guess either she sold it or just doesn't like me.

I had both a 66 and a 68 rear engine rider. In my opinion, the 68 is the best rider Deere made, better than the newer ones which are a pain to work on. And Deere sold a front blade for the 66 and 68 riders. If you can get this one, go for it.

BTW, the 68 riders belong in the Late Model Section.
Terry Reed - Thank you for the information. I thought a 68 would be in the "RER" forum?!?!?!? My mistake.

Only the 55, 56, and 57 riders belong in this section - the rest in the Late Model Forum. Yeah, I know - the 65, 66, and 68 are from the late 70s and early 80s, but Robb and Mike set up this section to only deal with the 5X riders and the 60, 70 and 100 lawn tractors.
did deere make a front mower attachment for the 66&68 riders? i!ve never seen one
Dave D suggested I post this thread under RR/Gear drives. I need to replace the two main drive belts on a JD 212. Does WFM have any good diagrams and info how to do this. A youtube video shows removal of steering linkages, etc. Is it that involved to replace the belts? Would I better served by taking it to JD for repair??
Hang in there, your tractor isn't worth the $120 per hour they would charge you...
An operators manual from the 1970's era for the 210/212/214/216 will explain it quite well or the service manual. The later operators manual will not explain it. Says to take said machine to dealership.

The trouble I have is removal of the belts. There is a systematic method in which to deal with the linkages. It must be performed in proper order otherwise, the belts will have to be cut off with side cutters and the new belts forced in place by way of a large screw driver.
Does it have electric or manual PTO ? I've never owned an elec one but I think they add an extra step or two .
I was thinking the same thing as well..........but I have never owned a manual clutch tractor and was thinking THAT would involve adding in an additional step or two.

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With either PTO, you have to get it out of the way. The other end is probably worse.
Gary .manual [sm2105] [oct-81] will show you how its done .thats a jd service manual . David
I should have specified - sorry - manual PTO. I do have a manual that shows how to complete the task. However, it is actual pictures and not a schematic that may be simpler to see. I have gone to JD parts and printed off a couple of parts pictures that may be helpful. Appreciate input from all!!
As an FYI - my older son and a "limber" friend of his came over tonight and within 2 hours we (they) had replaced the primary and secondary drive belts on the JD 212, changed the oil and put the new deck belt on the mower deck. AND... it even ran and cut!!! A "Banner" day to say the least. The JD 210-216 manual was very helpful!! Thanks to all on WFM who gave input!!
Glad you got it fixed .

Just an FYI back at you . It's a good idea to adjust your variator when needed , but more importantly , USE IT !
Second that!!

I purchased a marginally operational 1985 212 from the neighbor when he bought a "much better and more modern" garden tractor. He had never used the variator in all the years he used that thing.

He told me he didn't know what it was...........

Think about that for a minute.

NO manual.
No common sense.

Needless to say, it was seized. The best part was watching him operate the front mount snow thrower...................with out the front lift kit to raise and lower it. He simply pushed it around on the driveway.
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