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212 Engine beat

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I have John Deere 265 that is in need of a replacement mower deck. It has one crack that is about four inches long along the spindle and has three holes in variou areas of the mower deck. There is to much wrong to put any repairs in it.
The tractor itself I bought three years ago and it has had valve seals and rings replaced at 1035hrs. It presently has 1169hrs and tractor serial number is M00265A164484. Since I have bought the 265 it has been my second mower and a hobby project. Everything works (as they say) "as it should" and it looks good.
A new mower deck if still available would be $1189 which is more than I want to put into it. I've been looking on Craigs list and E-bay but am never sure what decks are compatible with mine. I have a 48" deck and I hear a 46" will also fit mine. I see decks that came off JD 180's, JD 320's and other John Deeres that look like they would fit but I can't be sure. I called the John Deere dealership but they were not able to give me a cross reference to other JD tractors. I would assume that all the 240,260,265,285 decks would compatible. Thanks Jim
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I found a 46" deck through a member in the classified section and it works fine.
I hear mild/in the background disrupting sound similar to misfire, but, not misfire from my 212. From a decible perspective it is about < 5% of a misfire and you need to pay attention to notice it. It was there before I rebuilt carb, changed fuel lines etc and still I can hear it. Could it be points? The engine starts right on the first try and sounds much better after the clean up. Also, the need to keep the choke on halfway is no longer there.

Any suggestions on how I can resolve the noise?
Hmm, spark plug, points, condenser, incorrect valve gap, sticking valve(s)? Too many choices for me to place a bet...

Check valve lifter gap. 'Free labor' and no parts required.

Check condition of plug and points, possible replace points and condenser. 'Free labor' and routine maintenance parts required.

Not sure how you diagnose a sticking valve...

We'll see what other say soon.
Is it present at all RPM - and in the same proportion at all RPM? You may be hearing the interaction of the differently tuned chambers of the engine - from intake to muffler outlet the pulses may not be in harmony at times, and can cause one cycle to sound different than another.
Your engine may be just fine - don't worry about it - keep it lubricated and the fins free of debris. You might grab a couple plugs, wires, condensers, point sets and air filters to have around for troubleshooting and regular maintenance if possible, and rejoice that there's no engine computer trying to smooth the whole affair out...
It is present at all RPM in the same frequency and decibel: if I rev up, it gets drowned in the engine sound, but, more perceptible when idling. Plug and filter are new. All debris cleaned just now. Will go the route as suggested... Yes, I am happy. Thanks Jim and Jason.
Guys, if breaker points need replacement what are the indicating symptoms? It helps me to watch out.
from the sounds of your issue the condenser needs replacing and if in there might as well do the points too
"breaker points need replacement what are the indicating symptoms?" On mine it was the sudden failure to run, as in it just stopped. One moment the points would make and break the circuit, and in the next 3 feet they stopped making any contact altogether...

It could also be an intermittent failure evidenced by missing a beat, or misfire.
I would look at the points I have had two sets that the plastic part cracked and was not opening properly .
Thanks guys. Will replace breaker points and condenser as well and report back over the weekend. Also will post pics post-restoration
Today I changed points (gap .o20), changed capacitor and set plug gap to 0.030. Still I hear the missing beat... It is like 'dub...dub..dub'! Engine is not misfiring, but, could it be something to do with muffler? I wanted to put in point saver, but, Dave Kirk said next stock is expected in sep.

Other than opening up the engine only coil is awaiting change. Should I remove and clean/change ignition? Engine is pulling nice and the sound i said doesn't look like missing engine beat or misfire. Any suggestions are appreciated. Let me know if you guys think I am paranoid!
Could you post a video to Youtube? Then we could hear it.
Brent, here is the video link. Listen carefully and you can hear it as dub dub dub...

ID, the video captures the sound very well. I listened to it several times but can't really identify it. Some questions though.
Does it still make the sound when the clutch pedal is depressed?
Will it make that sound at all RPM ranges?
Are all 4 rubber engine mounts in good condition, not collapsed, no cracks in the metal mount, or broken rivets?
Have you looked closely at the engine cradle, especially the front one for cracks or breaks?
My last thought is a loose or cracked flywheel. I don't know what that would sound like, but sure hope you find the cause. It's probably something minor, just hard to find..

I do hear the noise, but like Tom I can't say for sure what it is. Does it change if you adjust the high speed carb screw (the one on the top). Sounds like it may be just a little lean?
Almost sounds like something rattling around in the muffler. Try taking it off and see if it still does it. Could have a broken baffle or an acorn a mouse carried in there.
It stays same when clutch is depressed. As well as when high speed screw is adjusted. And as the rpm changes. Engine mounts look good. And cradle too.

I will check the muffler out and update. Thanks guys
ID - if that noise is coming from inside, it won't make that noise much longer.
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