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212 LED Off road lights install

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Has anyone rebuilt an alternator off a 455. Mine had a bearing failure last night. Deere wants $227 less $50 for the core and $336 less the core for a new one. Any tips to rebuild one would be appreciated.
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Take it to an alternator rebuilding shop and ask if it is even possible to rebuild one and the cost. They may even sell you just the bearings if they are available. The other option is to take the bearing out and bring it to a bearing store. Assuming it is a 40 AMP alternator the bearings are M805135 and M805133. They are a bit pricey so you may want to see if a bearing shop can find a repacement bearing for those part numbers. If you do not have a 40 Amp alternator you can look up what you need at www.jdparts.com. Roger
Thanks Roger. I did pull it apart and it looks great except for the one bad bearing. I checked my local dealer and also several auto parts stores. They can all get them but no one has them in stock. I did find them at Grainger so I might just make the drive to pick them up. I am going to replace both while I have it apart. It is a really simple rebuild. Do you know what year they switched from the 40 amp to the 20 amp. Mine looks pretty small.
Well I got my new alternator bearings and installed them with no problems. Tractor runs like I knew what I was doing. The Grainger bearings were half the price that Deere wants for them. If anyone needs them the Grainger item number is 1L014. Thanks again Roger for your input.

Just completed LED off road lights install: thought, I would share some pictures here




Lights on - Front

Lights on - Rear

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How about some additional information. Are you running both lights off the new switch? I haven't figured out what the horizontal tube is just in front of the rear light there on the fender. Possibly a switch for the rear light. How hot does the light housing get on that rear light? Who did you buy those lights from? Manufacturer? Price? Size and watts?
Here is item purchase info.
eBay Item: 4" 7000K White Hi-Power 18W 6 CREE LED Off Road Flood Light Bar Jeep/ATV/4x4/4WD
Seller: Zomkspeed
Price: $25 shipped for 2 pcs

Yes, I hooked up both to same switch after installing a 40A relay. I toyed with the idea of 2 switches, but, decided against since it is a hassle to drill hole through dash and the space is really tight to put more wiring. The relay, fuses etc already filled up the space.

The tube is a PVC nipple I bolted to insert a flash lite/strobe: you can see the flash light jetting half out!
Thanks ID,
I am thinking about adding some work lights to my tractor. I don't need aircraft lights as I am not pulling a 40' implement behind the garden tractor but I just want to light up the yard a little better at night if I have to mow so I don't find out where the sprinkler head was at after it clangs off the mower deck chute.

Thank you,
Sure, Kevin. It was not that hard except the space behind dash is really tight. I first tried installing without the 'relay', but, fuses kept blowing up! With the relay it was resolved. Also, I used plumbing stuff to install the light... 1/2" flange, 1/2"x12" nipple for front and 4" nipple for rear lights with flanges screwed to the body. And the lights coverage was phenomenal: more than what I hoped for. Good luck and let me know if you need any more info.
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