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212 parts

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Any good suggestions where I can get the parts for the throttle linkage and springs for a 212. I just picked it up and it is missing all the throttle controlls.I have found most of the parts except the springs and throttle control arm.
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Hi guys...new to WFM and glad to be here. A buddy of mine has had good luck on here and suggested I come here for help with a JD 160 that I recently acquired. Here's the story:

Ok, I've got a mid-80's JD 160 mower that I picked up off of a friend because he was tired of messing with it and had another mower that worked better for his size yard. Not sure what year this is, other than mid-80's (serial number tag was removed by someone before my friend).

I can mow for about 20 minutes and then the tractor dies. After cooling down, it will start again, but once warm, dies and won't start again.

I've checked fuel and it seems to get plenty. My friend replaced carb and rebuilt with kit from JD and it ran fine after that. It just started doing this this week. Replaced the igniter (feeds the coil) last week new from JD. Have checked fuel filter, cleaned tank, all that stuff.

I've got a coil ready to put on it but not sure that is my problem and would like some guidance before putting it on and making non-returnable.

Anyone have any ideas?

This is a repost from the Restoration & Repair side...someone suggested that this was a late model even though it was built prior to 1992.

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Talked to Joey today and the coil wasn't the problem. Replaced the coil and same thing. Does this unit have a TDM on it? Could that be it?

When its hot & stalls, you need to check to see if you have spark. Remove the spark plug & check it. If no spark, then its ignition related. If you have spark, since you say its getting plenty of fuel, I'm thinking a valve lash problem. A way to check this is to do a compression test when cold & note the reading. When it dies, do another compression test. If the reading is a lot lower, your valves need adjusting.
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