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212 Restored Pics

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1994 425 AWS wont start. No panel lights nothing. Neither of the LEDs on the circuit board are lit. Both of the fuses are good though. The battery is new and shows 12.5V. Turning the key does not change the voltage as the key seems to do absolutely nothing. Seems totally dead but battery has juice and was installed new less than a month ago. They were going to send me a manual but I still haven't got it yet so don't really know what to do other than figure out a way to haul it back to the dealer but they are an hour away and I'm not sure I can even push the thing up the trailer ramp since I cant drive it on.
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First thought (and easiest) from your description sounds like the ignition key switch might be suspect. Though glancing at the schematic there are a few things it could be.

That manual will be pretty handy for tracing through once you get that. They did a good job in the electrical section of the JD tech manual for 425/445/455

Jason, Did you get your 425 going??
I had the same problem but was intermittant. Turned out I was not getting voltage to the Key Switch. I Hooked a temp line from the Solenoid to the Ign switch and now have no problem. But there is a circuit that does the same that is fused.
Start with a known good 12V test light. Hook up the ground clip of the test light to the engine/frame, probe the positive battery terminal to check the circuit. Probe at the starter to check power from the starter motor terminal through the two fusible links. One of the fusible links has two red wires coming out of it, one red wire goes to the ignition switch, which supplies the power to the two fuses on the circuit board. The other red wire from the fusible link goes to the volt regulator/rectifier. These two come from the same fusible link.

There is an additional fusible link that sends power to the "K1" start relay located on the circuit board.

If you are getting power up to the ignition switch, check for power to the two fuses, with the key on. There should be power to both the F2 Light fuse and the F3 Power fuse with the key in the "on" position.

Post back what you've found, we'll go from there.
Thanks to all of you who helped with suggestions, I have completed restoring my 212. It is not complete restoration - did not remove engine for painting & rims/blade yet to be painted. Also did not touch engine at all. Thought would post some pics here.


Tub painted

In-line fuel filter

LED tail lamps added

Hour meter installed


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I like the "yellow racing stripe" no slip stuff!
Very Nice. I like the gear drives and am glad to see when people restore them.
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Thanks Hughie and JDF. The yellow stripe foot treads are from 3M in Home Depot: they come in 6" x 24" strips @8 bucks each. Glad you like them.
3M makes real good stuff. They have a colorful history in terms of the owner/the products and his tartan racing stable. He (William McKnight) owned one of the worlds most famous and successful Thoroughbreds in the world. I'll let you guss the horses name........

My Mother lives next door to the Thoroughbred Farm in Ocala FL

Scotch Tape is named for his Scottish heritage.

Nice tractor. I have two of them. I'm struggling to keep them both operational. It has been a very challenging 2.5 years. They just don't seem to have any will to operate. I have to coax them into it.................all the time. Keep thinking this time a round I will burn one of them to the ground, I end up fixing the thing. Not sure why. I guess I don't like the design of the new ones. The new hour meter recently broke on one of them. Par for the game I play.
Scott, was the horse Dr Patches? :) You said it right, Scott. The 200 series - for that matter JDs from those years - have a serene look, aura around them, I feel. After dinner since Apr when I brought the machine home, at least 4-5 nights a week, I light up my after dinner cigarette (pardon me), open the garage door and gaze at the machine! Call me stupid or whatever you feel like...

My girlfriend calls it JDitis, or green tractor syndrome. I have it too. If you stare long enough, you will think of ways to get more seat time, or figure out what attachment you 'need' next.

Nice job on the restore
KB, your gf said is correct... it must be a syndrome! LOL. And yes, the more one stares at those machines the more empty the wallet becomes! Thanks for the compliments guys.
ID, Great job on the redo. I decided to use mine as much as I can before restoring it. As long as I don't need to do serious repairs I'm going to keep my 212 the way I got it. Besides, I wouldn't want to get one as pretty as yours dirty.
Thanks Dominic... did not start with the restore idea! As KB said, I guess I caught the disease!

I do that very same thing; Only I smoke a pipe. Most recently been thinking on how one of my 212's would look w/a tiller behind it so I had to go out and buy one. Duh!!

Picked up the rear lift kit and cleaned/painted that. Now I gotta go across the state to pick up my new to me tiller.

Dr. Patches? ....close but no. However the horse was a Doctor!! His world record time on dirt still stands.
Must be Dr Fager... The other doctor from his famed stable! Scott, glad to know you do the same. Good luck with the tiller. Post some pics of the new lift kit and tiller when ready.
Great job, ID. Looks like you did much of the upgrade and appearance work that I did on my 216. These tractors clean up nice with a little work!
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