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Anyone know where i can get the schematic/wiring diagram for the seat switch for my F935? The seat came lose and broke the wires off the switch. There are four wires but I think only two were connected to the switch. I can't keep the PTO engaged without the switch (except by holding it).
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I have a technical manual, if you send me your phone number via my mail, and a good time to call you, maybe we can figure it out over the phone.

I said the same, in my post on my own 935 demons.

Checked the wires to the seat. I think they were dark blue, light blue, violet and white with a red strip. It kind of looks like the white and violet wires might have been connected to the switch but would like to confirm.
I just bought a 214 not sure of the year yet but it had no spark the guy said it was running 3 years ago I cleaned the points and tried to adjust them now it has a very faint spark it has a new E3 plug could it be the condenser or the coil I'm not very firmilar with this system I have a 17 and a180 that I am more firmilar with thanks for any suggestions
Check that you get 12v to the + on the coil. A condenser and new points re-gapped at 0.020 are probably a good idea. You can get them at Napa or a JD dealer, around $15 each.
I'm jumping it off with a battery charger set on 40 amps I wonder if advanced auto parts would have the condenser and poins where is the condenser located at on this tractor
On 200 series tractors the condenser is usually mounted on one of the bolts that holds the coil on the back of the cylinder by the battery.
40 amps is not much, your starter would over draw that. you might want to just try jumper cables from another tractor, or a car
EAN get the right condenser and points. Throw the E-3 spark plug away. The E-3s are hype at best and are often bad out of the package. A good Champion H-10C will be cheaper and better. A 200 will not run right unless it has a good battery in it. Off a charger there is not a consistent 12 volts for it to operate correctly. Coils almost never go bad unless someone has replaced it with the wrong one. To set the points turn the engine over by had until they are at there widest gap and then set them to .020 at that point. After they are set and the screw is tight check to make sure they are still at .020. They often move when you tighten the screw. Roger
Thanks for the advice I will try to work on it tonight
Just ordered a condensor and points they should be here Friday or Saturday }
I got the new points and condensor on today now it won't even fire at all with. New the new champion plug
kb & Roger offered very good suggestions .

I'd take the battery in & get it tested .
Batteries need to be tested under load, anything less than 10.5 volts and battery is No Good.
I got a new ever start 26r-3 at wallmart today I'm going to work on the tractor tomorrow afternoon if I can't get it to fire I'm going to order a new coil
I got the coil today I will install it tomorrow and post an update
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