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214 PTO

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I have a John Deere 133. It will not start. I just get a clicking sound when I turn the key. When I touch the cable from the + of the battery to the cable from the starter, the starter does kick in. But when I connect the cables correctly I just get the clicking sound. Any help would be appreciated. The battery is fully charged.
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What is the serial number of your 133? There are two different schematics for the LT133, a 3 amp system that will have a 3 position ignition switch, and a 15 amp system that will have a 4 position switch.

Check for loose and/or corroded connections. Check the relays, etc. If you want I can send you the service manual - email me at [email protected]. It helps to have a gmail account (it's free) as it can take up to 25 meg files and this one comes just under the 25 mb limit.
My 214 has a manual pto(not electric) sometimes it the pto stays engaged after it is turned off. The only way to get the pto to turn off is to take off the side panel and tap on it with a hammer. This is a pain and with snowblower season here I don't want to burn my belt off if I plug the snowblower. Any suggestions would be appreciated
I would guess some bolt is too tight and isn't allowing the pulleys to stop. I will let someone answer as to exactly which bolt to loosen as I only have an electric pto. Good luck!
You should pull the pto to take a look and see if the needle bearings need to be greased. If it is over greased and grease gets on the friction material it can stick also. Also there is a bolt and washer on the rod on the back side of the pto arm that could be to far away from the arm and won't disengage the pto. Should have 1/8" clearence.
I had the same problem on my '74 112 with the manual PTO. It continued to stick engaged even after adjusting the bolts to engage/disengage the unit. I believe the problem was caused by grease on the friction material. I cleaned the lining with Brake Kleen and roughen up the material with 220 grit sandpaper and it seems to work fine now.

Worth a try - hope this helps. Don B.
Have you adjusted the PTO linkage?

There is also a brake on the PTO sheave, that should stop the PTO sheave from spinning when the PTO is disengaged, may need to be deglazed and also adjusted.

Instructions for both are in the tech manual.
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