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214 question

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If I change to a 18x6.5x8 tire will I need to adjust my mower deck to run level or will it be ok? I am trying to gain ground clearance for my snowblower attachment. any other options for more clearance?
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Yes the front of the tractor will 1 inch higher than it is now. The tires may also hit the deck in tight turns. I have a 345 that uses the same basic 42 blower and have no problems with ground clearance. In raised position it is about 5+ inches off the ground. Roger
I have a Bercomac blower and I would like it to have a little more ground clearance. I just don't want the mower deck to be uneven in the summer as I mow 5 acres at a time. I guess I could just switch tires when I change attachments
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Harold were it me I would call Bercomac and ask them what I could do to get it to raise as high as a JD blower would. You might have something wrong with the way the lift is hooked up. I have been known to connect things wrong and I know Bercomac makes a good product although I have never had one. Roger
The blower lifts up good but the sub frame sits lower then I would like. I will check with them to see if there is something I could do.
I just got My 214 this winter and was wondering if it's ok to use on steep inclines because of the oiling system on the engine on about 30 degree inclines vertical and horizontal I know it's a dumb question but I'm pretty new to the older model tractors
The engines are designed by Kohler to run up to 30 degrees. That is in the specifications section in the Kohler K series manual. I would worry more about your safety having rolled a garden tractor over 5 years ago. Roger
Ean, if you are going to mow on an incline you should make sure you keep the oil level at or above the full mark on the dipstick, and make sure your dipstick is accurate. Mount the rear wheels in the wide position and add wheel weights for stability. Also consider carefully what Roger is telling you. These tractors weigh nearly 1000 pounds with a deck and wheel weights.
Thanks guys for the warning I try to keep all the safety switches intact if you don't mind me asking how did you roll the tractor roger
I was pulling vines out of the trees in back of my property with my Sears SS12 and a chains. Had the tractor on the edge of the road for good traction. About the fifth pull or jerk if you will the left rear wheel slide off the road and down into the ditch taking me and the tractor with it. Took about 10 seconds for it to happen. Tractor did a half roll and I ended up between the seat and pedestal area with most of my body out on the down hill side. I really didn't get hurt but was pretty sore for a couple of days and with a small bit of tin bending neither did the tractor but it sure did get my attention. Roger
Dad bought the 216 I have to mow a hilly Wisconsin lawn. Annoyed the blankety-blank out of me back in 1980 when the dealer retrofitted the seat engine kill sensor to mine after we'd had it a season. When you leaned uphill too much, you'd lift off the seat a little and the sensor cut the engine. Then even if it kept running the upper tire would probably spin and you'd have to turn downhill. Know they meant well but it seemed to be a step back in safety. Oh well.
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