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216 brake band size?

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Not sure that this is the correct place for this but this item is NOT FOR SALE.
Picked up a good hood for a 111 series, has been spray bombed but is solid, just needs new finish/paint. Free to any WFM member if you want it, just pay for the shipping
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Bill should be in the classifieds anyway and a 111 os technically a late model lawn tractor. Roger
My 216 has never really stopped well since I acquired it. It's been adjusted to spec as per JD owners manual and Clymer service manual but really needs a strong leg to get it to stop. If the park brake is locked it will slip the belt with out movement so it does hold. It almost seems like the band is too big or the drum too small. I can still see maybe an 1/8th inch of lining, is it just worn out?
Hughie, I don't know if this helps but when I picked up my 214 the drum wasn't there. The guy said the previous owner had remove it. So I went on ebay and got the wrong one even though the add said 200 series. A closer look at the manual and the images of drum finally straightened me out and I got the right one.
Hughie about 1/8 inch is about right for thickness. Might you have a transmission oil leak that coated the band. I have some extra bands if you need one. Let me know so I have time to dig one out. Roger
Ugh,have not had a chance to look into this yet, will update when I do, thank you for answers!
While we're on the topic, what do you guys use for brake material on the inside? The fiber is worn completely down on my 210 so now the brakes don't hold and the tractor just rolls when you push the clutch in and lock the parking brake. I determined that the brake linkage was pulling the band tight enough to engage the brake, so it is not out of adjustment. Has to be the material on the inside. Not sure what I can use as a replacement brake fiber. Don't want to have to replace the whole brake band.
I remember an old thread on here where guys were using some kind of material from mcmaster-carr and using gorilla glue to glue it on.
I get mine from a scrap tractor on ebay. They are also available new.

I can't for the life of me figure why they wear out. Unless the pervious owner used the brake pedal for a foot rest or operated the unit w/a real tight brake band adjustment.

It is glued in place.
Yeah I don't know how it could have just worn completely through. I can tell it is worn because the brake drum is still turning when I engage the pedal and tighten the band (did it with the wheels off and the rear on a jack stand). Joseph, would you happen to have a link to the thread?
Thanks. Did you use the 3/16" metal free lining discussed in that thread?
My old lining was still good and just had come unglued. After cleaning & roughing up both surfaces the liquid nails has held up to winter snow blowing & mowing this year so far.
Never did order the new lining, so can't help you there.
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