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216 drive belt

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My 425 came with a 3 point hitch, but only half installed. Judging from the picture in JDParts, I think I am only missing the M111812 "retainer."

Anyway, what I would really like is a copy of the factory installation instructions that came with the kit. Does anyone have these instructions, from which I could get a copy? Most happy to reimburse any copying or postage cost. Thanks.
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On the way via email
As a PDF that is ... got them from another WFM member.
Thanks, Bob! Looks like I can work on my German, Italian, Spanish and French language skills while I'm at it!
I think I sent those install instructions to you, Bob. I'm glad it's making it's making it's way to someone else.
Terry, you did indeed! Thanks again. By the way, how did you create the PDF?
Just purchased another tractor. It is a clean original 216(wife thinks I'm nuts). It's my first 200 series and I haven't figured out how to remove pulley assembly and electric pto to replace primary drive belt. Does the pulley assembly have to removed to replace belt? I wasn't able to find a thread on this. Thanks
I removed the shaft bolt with impact wrench and, wow. The assembly slides off in 0ne piece. Need to study things more carefully in the future. Thanks
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