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216 lift linkage for snothrower.

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I was given an LX188 that sat for the last 6 years due to a leaking fuel pump. The steering was froze up, so got that lubed and working. I then put in a battery and when I turn the key to the first position, the battery and oil lights come on. When I go to the start position, I can hear a click and it seems to blow an automatic reset breaker somewhere. If you turn it off and back to the first position, there are no lights for about 30 seconds to a minute, then they come back on and the same will happen again. Any ideas on what would be causing the breaker to trip and where it might be located?
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Leonard, is the starter locked up? Farley
Good question! I could try to go direct to the starter to see. It doesnt even try to turn the starter, it is just an instant "click".
my lx172 was doing the same thing. it was a combo of things that was wrong. a bad connection on one of the fuses on the back of the swtich/circuit board. then it blew a fuse. then i ended up jumping the seat switch. it was fine for a while and now its not starting with the switch, so i took and hooked up the harness that went to the headlights and plugged it onto the starter solenoid. starts everytime now. u have to turn the rocker switch back to off but now big deal. i am the only one that runs it.
Hi guys I recently became the owner of a 216 with deck and snothrower. I put the snowthrower on but I am missing the link to raise the blower with the manual handle. Can someone point me in the right direction in being able to lift the blower.
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Which link?
The two holed 2 piece?
You don't need that.
The picture shows you have the lift link. (12 inches or so...
Are you missing the whole front lift kit? There should be a 1/4"x 5-1/2" piece of flat bar hanging just in front of the plate that the front axle is bolted to.
There is a difference in the length of the bar from the front lift kit to a 37 and the 37A.

which piece or pieces do you need

the lift rod
the lift pivot plate
or the two connection plates

I made mine
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Yes, looks like I have the lift link. That short 12" piece up front. So what do I need south of that lift link to muscle the snow-eater off the ground? Ed if you made one would you share the info?
I made my own. If you search Amazon for "3/8 Adjustable Yoke End Universal" you'll see what I got, it uses the same size clevis pin as stock. I got one foot of 3/8 fine threaded rod and a couple of nuts at Napa.

The holes are 10 5/16" center to center. So you do have to cut down the threaded rod.

I have emailed you four pictures taken from my 37A Owners Manual. I hope they can help you. Sometimes a pic is worth a thousand words right? I will try and post the here as well.

Good luck!

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I have mailed about 20 full size drawings to WFM members. I can send ya 1. Send an email with your postal address.Start with this
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Pay the $90 on ebay and get a complete new one...lol
I have the part numbers somewhere but this is what I found so for.

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All gear drive tractors from 73 110-112 and 75-87 tractors do not require, part #13, 3A, or 3B or 4.
The item number 7 above has nothing to do with a snow thrower. That is linkage for the snow blade.

I bought (my front lift kit) on line and it was 45.00 I havn't been looking but 90.00 for one sure seems steep. I acquired an extra last winter and tried to sell it for same and I couldn't give it away.

My neighbor never used the lift. He simply slides the blower around on the driveway.
I never expect to sell for what I pay... it just never works out like that. If I want to keep something I over price it...lol

As for the guy who doesn't lift his blower. ...what can I say...
yeah......exactly. He simply does w/o. He proved to me that I spend way too much on making my equipment far/far too nice. You don't even need an operational variator!

you don't need a lot of things, thats why they have craftsman's. All those 'uneeded' features save time and effort every time you do a job, and personally in this area if you don't have a variator or a lift, your better off with a shovel, because your going to be stuck, and have a constantly plugged chute
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