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300 electrical problem

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I've had an on going electrical issue with my 300 for quite a while now. I'm getting a build up of this white powdery stuff around the battery box area. About every 6 months I take everything apart and clean it up, cable connections, ground strap,etc. Battery acid level is good, seems to be charging okay, 12.5 v.
Any ideas?
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Thanks all, I'll check your suggestions.
Thanks, I did a very thorough cleaning and painted all corroded areas. Battery is charging fine. 12.5v, and 14v right after starting engine. Drops down to about 13.2v after running for 1/2 hour. Then when it rests overnight, back down to 12.5v. Guess time will tell.
Steve - any update on this issue?
Seems to be okay right now. No sign of acid venting or the white build up associated with that. Still a little soon to be sure,but so far so good.
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