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300 electrical problem

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I've had an on going electrical issue with my 300 for quite a while now. I'm getting a build up of this white powdery stuff around the battery box area. About every 6 months I take everything apart and clean it up, cable connections, ground strap,etc. Battery acid level is good, seems to be charging okay, 12.5 v.
Any ideas?
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The residue you are seeing is likely to be from the sulphuric acid fumes, moisture, salts, and hydrogen gas from charging; it is acidic.

Best is to remove the battery to thoroughly clean the whole area. I use a spray bottle with a baking-soda-in-water solution. Wet down everything. If there is residue around any wire or cable connections, clean them as well. Use a paintbrush to get into all tight spots. Remove and clean bolted-on connections to clean the terminal and area. Good to rinse everything with water.

After a thorough cleaning, coat your battery terminals with dielectric grease or battery terminal protector. Apply a healthy coat to prevent corrosion in the future. Also a good opportunity to paint touch-up bare surfaces.

Avoid under or overcharging. If you notice corrosion on your battery’s positive terminal, it’s a sign that your battery may be overcharging, which can be due to a faulty voltage regulator.
Corrosion that appears on the negative battery terminal is a symptom of undercharging. This can happen if you’re running short run-times, your charging system is low, or there is another drain.
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