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300 Fender-Deck Install Questions

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On the 300K series are there bushings or rubber spacers that normally get installed in the back (or front for that matter) between the fender-deck and the frame? I've got a couple odd-ball rubber bushings in my parts bin and I can't tell from the parts diagram.
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nick, for the rear jd parts calls it an isolator part# m73249. it's a rubber spacer with a stud sticking out either side of it. alittle over 5 bucks a piece from the dealer.
for the front jd parts says bushing and lists a few different part numbers depending on what model you have.

if you use your own bushing for the front make sure they keep the fender deck up high enough or you might run into clearance issues with the double brake pedal hitting the fender deck.

I measured the front spacers on my 316K project, and they are just 1/2" diameter tubing, 1/2" tall.

I use old shock absorber bushings on my 300, to clear the 26" tires. On the front, I use only one bushing on each side.

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Just started this today. My JD 105 dies when brake released. Does not matter if in gear or not. Where should I looking for problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.
First, welcome to WFM, Garland. Second, I don't know diddly about a 105, but think you will find help here.
I would be looking at the seat safety switch first and possibly the RIO (reverse) switch. I suspect either one could cause the problem. The brake switch would seem to be doing it's job.

Garland welcome to WFMs. Are you sitting it the seat when this happens? It is definitely one of the safety switches. If you are not sitting in the seat it should happen. Did you buy the tractor new? Has someone messed with the wiring to do something like like try to remove the RIO switch? Roger
Yes I bought it new and nothing has been bypassed. Problem occurred while sitting on mower. I started with the seat switch first and jumped it across and that solved the problem so I will be going to buy a new seat switch. Thanks for everyones help.

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