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300 Refurbish

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Hey all. Starting on the 300 with cab and blade. I've decided to use the Restoration Series from TSC on everything. I'm going to paint the tractor completely black with the standard JD yellow everywhere else. Why? Cause i thought it looks cool and this tractor is going to be more of a worker than a show queen. Here are some pictures of the start.

Welded up a new cutting edge on the blade. Looks great and is much thicker. We also have the bolt on part but am waiting on paint.

Started painting the cab. Looks very good and it will turn out nice. You can certainly tell the difference lol!

Here is the tiny battery that was in it when i got it. As you know, this little thing had some trouble turning the K341. I upgraded the battery and the battery cables to 1 GA cable. Thats where i am having a problem. Is this too much? The reason i ask this is because i have blown 2 solenoids now but i don't understand why it would do this. Is it something else? There is a little darkening on the positive battery cable at the post. Is this normal?

Here is what they look like. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks guys and more to come!

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Anybody on the solenoid?? All i can say is it does a rapid clicking but thats it...

Try a solenoid for the old Ford cars. I put one in my 112 ,and my Cub 782. No problems. You shouldnt be blowing them out either way. 12 volts is 12 volts. You could have a bad connection or cable.

I would bet that you have a bad ground. By looking at the black positive terminal, it seems you have a high amp draw that is looking for a good ground. With the solenoid clicking rapidly, I would think the battery has enough power and the clicking tells you that the switch in the solenoid is moving.

Check to see if the solenoid is well grounded. Do you have ground wires to both, the frame and also to the engine. It also doesn't hurt to run a ground wire to the dash tower as well.

In your pictures there is a fair amount of corrosion, so I would check all connections. It also looks like the ground cable is only one main cable without any other grounding leads coming from it to go to the engine,frame or tower.

On a second thought about the battery having enough power...... it may need to be charged after seeing a high amp draw like it seems to have seen.

Those cables can easily handle the starting current of a big Ford V8 so a garden tractor engine should be no problem. Is the cable from the solenoid to starter in good shape? Looks like there is a some of dirt and ick on top of the battery, clean it up with a baking soda warm water solution. Make sure the mating surfaces of the terminals are clean and bright, that dull grey/ black coating is and insulator. Check your battery voltage fully charged at rest 12.5 volts, anything less that 10.5 volts while cranking means a bad battery.
Make sure you have a good engine to frame ground. I had the same problem with my 316, ran a ground strap from the engine to the frame and cured my solenoid problems.

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'll clean all connections and put new cables on all grounds cause they seem very flimsy but i didn't know what came on these tractors. More to come!

I just picked up a used 133, when you hook up the battery the wire to the starter solenoid gets hot.Is it the solenoid or something worse?
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