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300 repower

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My 300 died Sunday afternoon no compression, my son was watering the garden and he thought it ran out of gas. Took a quick look at it no compression.
I decided to repower, I went with small engine warehouse 16 HP vanguard. $1379.75 to the house, It is stated easy drop in and go. Any one try this route yet.
Also can any one explain to me when I try to post pictures I get 75 KB limit.What does 75 KB stand for. How do I get my pictures to post at that limit. I would like to post picks of the repower. And also the pictures of the restoration of my 420.
Thanks Glen
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You need to resize your images to a smaller size. I use IfranView to do this to all of my images. All images on the site must have a 640x480 size and 75KB posting limit. Here is the link to Photo Resizers available. http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html?searchtype=downloads&query=irfanview&tg=dl-2001&search=%2525252BGo%25252521%2525252B

If you download IfranView shoot me an email and I can get you instructions on how to use it.
Scott thanks for the info, I did down load IfranView
did you get my E-mail.
I also took delivery of the engine and it is in tractor took pictures I still need to button up some loose ends. So far pretty easy

I got your email of you wanting instructions on how to use it. I emailed them to you on a different account but I will email it to you again.


I sent you the instructions. Let me know if you get them.

Got them Scott I will try to post pics over the weekend.
It has the tag, and it reads John Deere 111H, but there are no numbers following. Appears original...
All John Deere tractors have serial numbers including the 111.
Terry, if ALL John Deere tractors have serial numbers, including the 111, then why does my 111 have NO numbers following the model type on the tag?
"Mow it like it's stolen!"

Happy Holidays!

The only reason I can think of why the tag would not have numbers on it is if the tower was replaced, and as a new replacement part, it had no serial numbers. If the unit was stolen it would seem that the tag would have been removed or the numbers scratched out. No big deal...
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