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300 series side panels

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Hello all

I have a 318 missing a side panel. Will a side panel from any 300 series fit?
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Bob, They look like they are the same size but I think the problem comes in in the cooling department. The 318 is a 2 cylinder and has what looks like a oil cooler right behind the vented area.

Here is a shoot of a 318 panel.

The 300 is a single cylinder tractor with the vents in the front.

I don't want to say they will not work but I believe the function out ways the fit. I don't want you to over heat your 318 and burn it up..
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I have a set of side panels for a 317, the will not fit on a 318! They will not bolt up properly. Besides the outside appearance they will not mount correctly.

Can't say for the others in the 300 series, but my impression is that none of them are interchangeable.

Good luck,

Have you check John Deeres parts catalog? I would use their website to look it up.

You might have to set up an account to look at it but you will be able to cross reference part#. Good luck.

Also there are some on evilbay right now for the 318.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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