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So I have seen that people are looking for JD 318's. My neighbor (Dale Wenger) buys and sells JDs all the time. I called him yesterday to ask what he has in stock. He could have 5-7 318s between his 2 storage spaces he said and a JD 317. As well as others.

I'm just passing on the info I know nothing about these tractors. Dale is an upstanding guy and won't do you wrong.

He DOES NOT do business on Sundays so please refrain from calling him on Sunday. Yes, he works a full time job and doesn't answer his phone at work but you can leave a message and he will get back to you.
I bought my 318 off him this past summer and I'm happy with it for the price. Yes his prices are reasonable also.

Contact info:
Dale Wenger (717) 34one- 511one Manheim PA

Yes, he gave me permission to post this here.

I am simply posting this, I make no money off this, this is just help for all y'all and him, to keep these tractors running and working as they were meant to. :)

Let him know His neighbor Tony Hertzler sent you.

Ok try again with prices.....

317 $750
325 $1000
318 $1800
316 with tiller and rear PTO $3000
318 with power flow $2200


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