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316 Fuel Pickup

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I replaced all the fuel lines on my JD316 earlier this year. The tractor runs out of gas with 1/4 tank still showing on the gauge. I used about 4-5" of fuel line inside the tank and installed a new pickup screen and check valve. I pulled the tank and pickup hose today and the hose has a 90deg bend in it. There are no kinks,it's a smooth gradual bend. I thought the hose would be laying on the bottom of the tank,but it can't be since the tractor runs out of fuel at 1/4 tank. JD parts does not specify a length, it just says cut from a 10' piece of M62370. Does anyone know how long the hose in the tank should be?
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k.b. said <u>I suggest Tygon line for inside the tank, you can get it at napa, its ethanol resistant.</u>
Ditto, its available at NAPA, the metal screen thing needs to be on the line that's what keeps it at the bottom of the tank.
Andre if that clear hose is fuel proof don't know why it would not work. That black fuel line is fuel resistant on the ID but I do not think the OD is.
Kurt I think I paid like $3 a foot for the Tygon line at NAPA. The line I got was approved for 100% immersion in gasoline and for Ethanol. It was only used Inside the tank. Not Pricey if divided by 10 years
. My guess its much cheaper than the Lucas stuff in every tank of gas. I use StaBil if its going to set for over 2 weeks and never Ethanol in any small engine or tractor.
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