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317 fair trade Lt133?

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Long story here is the jest: My Dad bought a 317 in 1992 he died in 1998 i bought a Lt 133 two years ago My 85 year old Mom & I decided to trade so now i have Dads mower I really miss my Dad i was happy with the trade untill i mowed today it leaves a slightly higher ridge. I tried to level the deck but i won't be able to tell untill the grass grows back. What do you think of the trade? 317 is a 1982 the Lt 133 (2000)
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You just said you were happy with it. It was a good trade.
Paul - I really think you made out well on the trade and don't think there will even have a question about doing good once you get things adjusted to your satisfaction, also because;

1. The 318 is a tractor - The LT133 is a lawnmower. (I know, I have an LT166 and a 400 to compare)

2. You have your Dad's tractor. You can't put a price on that!
I think some minor deck adjustments will take care of the mowing problem. I think you made a good trade.

Cliff N
If my dad had a 317 , I sure would want it over a lawn tractor. It will be around a lot longer .
here is a pic how does one level the deck? i have searched and got afew ideas but all i know is that the tag on the deck says "48"
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Here is what I do for my 317
- Park tractor on the level garage floor
- Lower deck to cutting height
- Use a JD blade height gage
- Put 6 psi in rear tires and 15 psi in front tires
- Set side to side level using the adjustable lift link
- Set front to back using the adjustable clevises on the mule drive, the front of the blade should be 1/8" to 1/4" lower than the rear

It take some fiddling to get it right
My tractor was purchased new by my uncle and passed down through the family, it is on its third engine
I will second what Ted has said. It was your dad's, and that to me will be priceless. My father bought his 420 brand new and is now he is gone. When my mother passes that 420 will be mine come hell or high water even though I have two 420's already. There is no price to put on sentiment.

All that taken away, you still got a better deal.

My FATHER was a WW II Vet D-day (Combat engineer) He was and always will be my Hero I miss him as much today as i ever have!! He gave up a career to go into farming since my Mom's Dad died and they were afraid that the farm would be lost 40 years of back braking work we even milked cows!! the Farm is still there and it consists of 6 full sections of land whenever i go down there i can feel his presence. Mom gave me a captured nazi flag that Dad brought back from the war it is the size of a king size bed spread!! in perfect condition (it is in a fire proof safe) Dad bought the 317 becasue it was a hydro and i plan on keeping it running no matter what. I owe him that much!!
Paul! - The 317 is just one more piece of his legacy that goes with the farm, the flag, and everything else that can't be put into words. Good luck
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hello im always in the old school forums but now its time for the 495 to use a little paint. my question is I have never paid attention is the green on these newer ones also just jd AG green? thanks. Matt
I washed my X485 then used armour all "wax it dry" really shined it up.
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