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I need some help I am finishing up a front end loader ( quick attach type) I ordered the hydraulics from surplus center and the male quick connects are wrong. Does anyone know what the type is or a supplier I think it is call a 1/4 ag style coupling I will attach a picture of the progress I will mount the cylinders this weekend.

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Hi Jeff,

Here is a copy and paste of some of my research notes for quick disconnects for our lawn tractors:

Hydraulic Quick Disconnect (Male):
- Parker Pioneer Part Number = 4010-2P (1/4" Female NPT)
- John Deere Part Number = AM37983
- John Deere female dust caps (for male quick disconnects):
Yellow = M132021
Black = M70728 ($3.36 ish per)
Silver = M132022
Green = M132024

Quick Disconnects (Female):
- Parker Pioneer part number = 4050-2P (called a coupler body)
- John Deere Part Number = AM37982 ($17.08 ish per)
- John Deere Male dust caps (for female quick disconnects):
Yellow = M132031
Black = M85099 ($2.43 ish per)
Silver = M132032
Green = M132034
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