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317 Mower Deck swap questions 41" to 50"

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Searched thru old threads on this topic and I am not sure I feel I have come up with the exact answer I am looking for. I have a 1979 317 with the 41” mower deck. A friend of mine is going to sell me a 50” mower deck from a 318. I know the draft arms have to be replaced but some reference has been made to requiring a different mule drive. Will my existing 317 mule drive work with the 50” deck? Can I fabricate some new mounting plates for the frame and use the existing 318 50” deck draft arms? Thanks for your help!
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Roger your old arms off your 41 deck should work on the 50 deck. Just knock the roll pins out of the shaft and move it over to the 50 deck. Your mule drive will work on the 50 also. If you want to make your own mounting plates go ahead but I would just knock out the roll pins and go on. This is my 317 I just put a 50 under in place of a 46.

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Hi Roger. The draft arms and the yoke that goes from the mule drive to the deck from a model #41 38" deck are much different than the ones from the model #48 46" deck. What you need are the yoke and draft arms from a #48, later 46" four gauge wheel deck or a 50" deck that has been under a 120, 140, 300, 312, 314 316 Kohler or 317. The larger deck was more common and those parts should not be too hard to find which will allow you to use the newer deck under your tractor. The draft arms will not have the spring pin mounted on them like what the later 318 style tractors had, and the overall length of the mule drive yoke will be shorter than the one you currently have from your #41 deck (but you can still use your drive, just swap out the yokes).

Roger W,

Lift links for 120, 140, 312, 314, 300, 316 kohler, and 317, model 41 deck (38 inch cut)

Lift links for 120, 140, 312, 314, 300, 316 kohler, and 317, model 48 (46 inch cut) and 50

Lift links for 316 Onan, 318, 330, 322, and 332, model 48 (46 inch cut) and 50

Hope this helps
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I just bought a 445 in good shape and would like to use my 54 blade off my 318 on it. Has any one done this, and if so how hard was it. I would like to keep the blade mount stock so i can still use it on my 318 also.
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