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317 Series 2?

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I bought a 1980 317 today, the spec # on the motor is 24301 does that mean its a series 2. If not how do you tell?
Thanks Ryan
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yep it's a series 2.
series 2 starts with a spec of 24301 and up.

i got my dad a 317 over the winter with a series 2 and he loves it.

Is there anyway other than the spec # to tell if its a series 2.
You would have a plate on the lower right front for an oil filter.
This is on my Cub, but this is a series 2 engine I just bought. You can see the oil lines coming out blow. I also have one running up for a oil gage.
I bought the remote oil filter kit.I bought the pieces from the guys here at the site. I think Tulsa engine might still carry the filter kit.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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