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317 starter disengages?

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Hey guys, what would cause the starter on my 317 to engage and begin to turn the motor over, them disengages and just spins out? (sorry about that terminology) Thanks in advance, Adam
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Thanks Tom, I know the starter is a tight fit, I have had the engine out before. The engine in my 317 is a low hour replacement series 2 that the PO had replaced in 2002. The tractor wasn't used all that much since he bought a zero turn a few years later, the engine is tight with no oil leaks and very clean. Seems like the starter shouldn't be worn out yet. Adam
Yeah, I think I do have that burrrrp sound when the starter disengages. The starter not always engage the flywheel, sometimes it just makes that burrrup sound. Then when it does engage it won't stay engaged long, a few turns and then burrrrp as the starter spins down. Adam
Thanks Tom. I will let you know how it goes. Adam
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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