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317 with Linmar Replacement Motor

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317 with 3yr old Linmar replacement motor.
I am wanting to know if any one has one of these motors in their 317 and if you do are they any good?
It is an 18Hp
Thanks for any Info!!!!

Take care Tom B.
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Tom,had a replacement 18HP Linamar in my 318,worked fine.
Hi Tom i'm new here i just traded a car for my first 317. It has a linimar motor it runs great it is a quite motor. I believe it is a 20 hp, but i haven't checked the serial numbers to make sure. does any one know how i can tell what year my 317 is? I'm missing the serial number tag someone did a bad job on painting it and took a lot of things off it>
Traded a car for a 317...I guess as long as you are happy with it, it is a good deal.

Without the serial number it is going to be tough. A lot of old tractors had casting codes on them, but I haven't seen any on these guys.

What spec numbers are you running? I like the looks of the motor, especially the price tag.
the linamar i have in the 317 is a Lx770/10608h its 18hp. i found the serial number tag laying on the debris shield. yes it was worth the trade scooter, it was an olds intrigue pushing 200,000 miles!
Sounds like a good trade to me Ted. I would have done it too. I see that you are from Amboy MN. Nice to see another member close by.
I owned a few cars that a 317 would have been a bargain for. The 18 hp Linamar is the same as the P218 if I remember correctly.
Yes, Linamar took over the Onan line, so its the exact same thing. The engine I got from SEW for my 318 is a "Onan by Linamar" P218.
Hey if you take that engine out for ANY reason, I'd sure like to have a photo or two and dimensions of the plate that the engine sits on!

Are you looking for the actual Linamar or will the P218 do? My buddy had a linamar out of a 317 as of Friday. I'm planning on pulling my P218 out of my 318 next week.
I just need that adapter plate to convert a 317 from a kohler to a onan motor. OR a photo of it with the dimensions so I can build one myself. I already have a motor.
I have a 1987 318 with a Linamar 18hp LX790 in it. Is there a parts book for Linamar or is it the same as a Onan motor.
Hi Ken. I have a parts book in my Gallery album dated 10-1998 that covers Onan, Onan by Linamar and Linamar engines 16, 18 & 20hp. You can download it from Here Although it is 11 years old now, I have found that any part number I have looked up in it has been good. You do need to take your spec number and use the charts at the back of it to make sure you get the correct parts for your engine though.

Kent and Chuck

Thank you very much for the info.
WFM site is great.

Sounds like a good trade to me. I am finally at a point in life where a GT wouldn't be a good trade for either of my vehicles.
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks Guys for the info on the Linamar Motors.

Take care Tom B.
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