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318 B43G intermittent rough running

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My 318 has been having intermittent periods of rough running, when pulling up a hill and with the PTO on. Today it was idling outside the barn when it began running rough and just quit. It started right back up; a little rough at first but did smooth out. It can go for an hour or more and run fine, then starts this rough patch again. I replaced the carb last year because it would not clean up despite tear downs.
I'm thinking if it was the fuel pump it would happen more predictably; fuel filter is new, fuel fresh.

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Just wanting to share; I needed to pull the carb on my GT265 (18hp Vanguard) & encountered a problem with the wire coming out of the bottom of the float bowl. There just isn't enough slack or access to unhook it, & contrary to info on the web there isn't a spade connector on the bottom. I cut the wire about 2 inches from the solenoid,and stripped it back, then installed a quick connect on reinstall, so next time it will be a breeze. Just an FYI for the next guy.
typo there it is a gt235, tried to edit, but 30 minute rule disallowed that.
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