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the weather was nice enough to get some tractor time in. ive been having some issues with the linkage causing the forward and reverse to be jerky. well i think i may have found the problem. the worn dampener is where i think the issue lies. the dampener will compress but then i have to manually pull the piston out to start the cycle again. the dealer doesn't sell the part number. am104880. i believe there is a different part number that supercedes this.. well i don't want to have to pay the 80 dollars the dealer wanted.. so i have a toolbox for the truck that has 2 dampeners.tool box is not used. so im ripping them out. the diameter of the cylinder is exactly the same and the length, well its longer.. i came up with a sketch showing the bracket that i will fab up and this should get it right back to the length of the stock one.. since the piston rod is longer its not a concern, it can be compressed to fit the metal pegs used to keep it in place on the tractor.. as long as the factor travel is kept on the new one, everything will be fine.

here is the sketch i drew up. not to scale and piston rod is not accurate. just for sketch purpose. far right shows the original dampener and angle in trator.. the middle one was my first sketch of what i was trying to accomplish. because the dampener is at an angle i think i may have problems with the travel. the far left is what i have fabbed up and am waiting to weld tonight. the travel is in perfect up and down alignment.

note, original dampener is extended all the way out. i had to pull this out..

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