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318 deck adjust help

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Hey I grew up on a 317 and it had a knob on the floor you could adjust to stop the deck at a set height everytime. On my 318 I dont have this, is there a way to set the deck to a predetermined height EVERY TIME? THANKS
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I guess what im asking, is there a down stop on the 318 for the mower deck?
Hi Mike - Go to the back of the 318. On the left side of the tractor, you'll see a large threaded rod with a cross pin. That's the stop adjustment for the mower deck. With the deck raised, you can loosen (lefty loosy, righty tighty) the threaded rod. Sometimes you may have to slightly lower the deck to take tension off, but not always. Just make sure you don't loosen it so far that it starts coming apart.

Then with the gage wheels set so when you have the deck lowered to the cutting height you want, lower the deck so the gage wheels are about 1/2" above the surface. Then go back to the rear of the tractor and tighten the threaded rod until it stops.

Now, each time you lower the deck, it will stop at that same position. Hope that helps explain it. - Dave
My 425 has recently developed a problem under load when blowing snow. At WOT and the blower engaged there are no issues but when a load is introduced the 425 will "miss, backfire, skip". Idles perfect at WOT. I've changed the plugs, gas filter, fresh gas nothing seemed to help. Any ideas?
Replaced the fuses on the ignition module and cleaned the electrical connections for both coils. That didn't help either. Where else do I look?
Thank you,
Had a similar problem with mine while mowing grass. Turns out it was the ignitor. A common problem that goes bad on the 425.
Before getting one from John Deere, go to sparkplugs.com and type in part # 131800-0131. This is the exact same part for much less than Deere.
I would be checking the main jet in carb, by what your saying under no load runs fine but as you go under load the governor opens carb and it requires more fuel and if main jet has any blockage it will act just like what you have described.
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