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318 ID Question

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Can anyone help me ID a tractor & mower I purchased?

The 318 serial # is M00318X366901. I believe that translates to a 1986 (has points).

The mower deck is M01011X513989. Based on the attached chart, that looks like a 50". The piece that is confusing is that the field is blank on the chart for that serial number for a 318. What does that mean?

Am I interpreting this the right way?


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The earlier decks had a different style lift arm than the later ones (the 318 had the spring pin on the arm and the 317 had the spring pin on the tractor frame...) Perhaps someone changed out the arms to the later style in order to re-use an existing deck on your 318...

I ended up having the hydro leak repaired at my local dealer. $100 well spent in my opinion. Anyway, they put new blades on it. The part number is M41967, which I believe is a for 46" blades. I'm confused because I think the mower deck serial # (M01011X513989)is for a 50". Could they have put the wrong blades on? I cut my lawn today for the first time in three weeks. This is now the 2nd time I've used the mower. It did OK, but I'm still disappointed with the cut. I had to go really, really slow, or back up in many places. This is not thick grass, it's thin,native prairie grass here in Colorado. I'm wondering if it has the wrong blades on and that is why my cut isn't that great. Maybe they just looked at the existing blades instead of the serial #. Thoughts? Can anyone confirm that that serial # for the mower is for a 50".

Last thing, does anyone know the exact length of either or both blades?

I just ran outside w/a flashlight and moved the blades to about as close as they could to. They were about 1" apart. I'm sure they are not supposed to touch, but that seems awfully far apart and may explains some of the missed grass when I'm mowing.

11 M86209 BLADE 3 STANDARD, (SUB FOR AM39966)

thats the part number for the 50 inch deck. the ones u got are for a 47 inch i think.
Is there any place for me to check the serial # besides the chart above? I'm sure the chart is right, just want to confirm one more place. I can't believe the dealer made that mistake (it appears).
So I called the parts counter & he confirmed it's a 50" deck. They took the part number off the old blades from the PO and just put new ones on. It's amazing how much better it cuts when I put the 50" blades on instead of the 46"
What was the PO thinking? Kind of scares me. I hope he used the right oil, hydro, etc. Oh well, all is well now so I can function on making it better now that it's functional.
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When I buy a new machine the first thing I do is change all the fluids just to make sure that everything is correct. Like in your case of now questioning the previous owners upkeep or lack of it. Better to be safe than sorry.
Hello everyone. Does anyone know the part numbers for the dust caps for the hydraulic control valve that is mounted under the left foot board on the 4X5 series tractors. I was installing my 54 Blade and could not get the lines to seat in the quick connectors. This was very odd since I frequently attach and remove my 40 Loader. I discovered that when I removed the dust caps the ends had broken off inside the female quick connectors on the tractor. Now the dust caps will not snap back in when I pull the blade off to mow in the spring. I tried looking in JD Parts but all I could find were the ones for the male ends on the hoses.

Thanks for any help.

Barry (Bearman)
Barry just ask the dealer they are probably not in the parts book but would be in the sales book. A good parts person should be able to walk to the parts shelves and hand them to you. Ditto that if you call one of the online JD parts places. Roger.

PS I just Googled this and one of our sponsors has them in a kit here www.greenpartstore.com/John-Deere-Colored-Hydraulic-Cap-and-Plug-Kit-PLUGKIT.html
Thanks Roger, I knew someone here would have the answer. Happy Holidays to all!
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