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318 running od and the mower deck wont run right.

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I let the niehbor borrow my newly puchased cadilac machine (318) and now when it runs the motor wont stay at a constant speed it revs up and down constantly. The blades on the deck dont run at a constant speed now ether. I think it ether needs a new belt posibly because I turned the adjuster as tight as I could get it on the front of the machine and it aint got any more adjustment to give. I an hopping its just the belt worn out. Its the first and only tractor I have had with a electric pto and I am hoping its not the pto clutch or something. Thats the only thing I could think to be wrong with the blades but what odd it the faster i drive the machine it seems lik th blade turn faster as well but its still not cutting right and I am not giving it anymore throttle just pushing further forward on the hydrostac shifter. Am I on the right track with the mower deck thinking its just a worn out belt or are they know for something more going wrong? I am going to plobly have to take it to the dealership to get the motor to run at a steady rpm but I'd like to figure out the mower deck problem on my own and get the grass cut at least.
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Mike: The speed of the mower blades IS controlled by the speed of the engine - If the engine speed goes up and down, so will the speed of the blades. If you get the engine problem figured out, your blade problem will be OK. And the pedal DOES control your ground speed. Maybe you're going too fast to get a good cut on the grass - try slowing down (with the pedal - not the throttle) and see what happens.
Does it run fine when the blades are disengaged?

If not, it sounds like possibly a carb issue.

Also, make SURE there is nothing wrapped around the spindles on the deck underneath.

You should also be running full throttle while mowing.

Thomas, there is NO pedal to control speed on the 318, it IS controlled by a lever...
Jim - You ARE 100% correct - was thinking of a later model for that comment - Sorry Mike - The forward/neutral/back lever on the dash to the right of the steering wheel controls your ground speed. Mike - did the neighbor say he hit anything or what might have happened to it?
I put a new drive belt on and tested out the deck and only the center blade was turning so I took the deck off and the cover off of it. My idler pully bearing was shot so I just got a new one from the dealership for 23.00. The machine made me a liar last night in front of my dad I started it and it idled up and down a bit then ran like clockwork. I got the mower part taken care of which I figured it would be simple for me beeing its all mechanicle and pretty well common sense proof. I was alittle pissed though that they had replaced all the other pully and deck bearings but left the idler alone. It seems half ass and I would have done them all while I had it apart. I went ahead and took the blade off and sharpend them since I had the deck off and tore apart. One less thing I will have to worry about later. I am hopping the engine reving problem will just disapare and not come back but it wont be that simple with my stuff. I wonder if the the governer or something came loose. Thanks Mike
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Did you say that you let your neighbor "Borrow" your 318? I don't let anyone "Borrow" my 318.

I will offer my services, but no one touches my 318. Besides it just gives you more seat time to enjoy your tractor, plus they usually are in awe at what these little machines can really do.

P.S. They pay with beer!!
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I have a 60" deck for my 455 that I wanted to replace the spindle bearings. The deck serial number is below -106047 so I ordered the correct bearings and seals. A little over $105. I removed the 1 1/2" nut from the left spindle and the pulley would only move freely about 3/8" and then would not move . There is a half moon keyway on the pulley that I guess is the problem. I tried to take a punch and tap the key, but nothing happened. The keyway may have sheared.

So, I next removed the right spindle and tried to remove the spindle shaft by tapping on the shaft with a 2# hammer. It would move about 3/8" and then stop.

Looking at the JD parts blowup, I see no reason that the shaft should not come out. My only guess is the the bearings or bushings are froze on the shaft. Does the shaft have to be pressed out?? The more I think about it, my SWAG is the keyways are sheared. Anyone had this problem?

A new spindle is about $300 X 3 Ouch. So I really want to fix these if possible.

George of Buford
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George, if I understand this correctly you are trying to get the belt pulley off the top of the spindle? If so, it helps to have 2 people. I let mine soak with PB Blaster for a spell to try to free up the pulley. Then remove the grease zerk. Then have someone else lift the entire spindle by the top pulley so it's a little way off your workbench and let the 2nd person tap the top of the spindle using a brass drift just slightly smaller than the top of the spindle. The pulley should come off and then the key needs to come out of the shaft. May have to clean the shaft a bit with emery paper or crocus cloth. Then you should be able to drive the spindle out and it should not be very difficult.

I had the spindle in a vice, soaked overnight in PB Blaster, beat the crapola out of it and nothing moved. I took it to a machine shop and they pressed it off. This was the worst spindle I have ever repaired. JD replaced this version of the spindle with a version that has a spline shaft . Apparently, other people had the same problem

George of Buford
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Mine still has the keyed pulleys. Seems like you have had a bunch of 455's! I have been looking for another nice one preferably with low hours, just haven't found the right one yet! I rarely see one for sale in SC.

Two months ago I had four 455's. I sold two of them and am always looking to get another one to flip. I have a Buford Bucket on one 455 and the other has a 60" deck, 3 point hitch and rear 540 PTO. I mow with a 425 with a 54" deck.

The last 455 with 1000 hours I bought for $4000 with a 60" deck, 450 tiller and 5 weights, 3 point hitch, and 540 rear PTO. The seller included two diesel cans (One was full) and two NEW sets of mower blades. At that time I owned three 455's and could not turn down this deal.

I love 455's.

George of Buford
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